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Most modern online casinos offer customers so-called loyalty programs, representing systems of accumulating club or comp points. They are given to players for bets and can be exchanged for cash or prizes.

You probably know what they are for. In an increasingly competitive online gambling market, casinos are forced to compete for customers by all available means. New users are attracted to free bonuses and additional money added to the first deposit. Regular players get other bonuses and special offers, including loyalty programs.

How Casino Comp Points Work

General provisions of such systems are the same in almost all casinos.

  • There is a fixed amount of bets, and each customer gets one point. For example, it could be ten U.S. dollars. They can make one or five bets for two dollars each - the result will be the same.
  • It also determines the number of comp points required to exchange for one currency unit. For example, fifty points are exchanged for one dollar, although you usually have to accumulate a certain minimum amount to make an exchange. Usually, this is done on a real deposit or an option with bonuses (which is, of course, undesirable).

The scoring process is automatic. Customers need to play on real bets. Points will be added to the particular account. It is often the same rate in different games, giving a different number of points, so read the rules.

The following online casinos offer great loyalty programs.

Casino Bonuses Editors rating
100% to 1000 USD x35 Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+
125% to 80 USD x35 Play T&C applies, 18+
100% to 400 USD x50 Play T&C applies, 18+

Online Casino Groups

Several major groups of online casinos offer customers the same reward systems. For example, Fortune Lounge Group includes several reputable casinos.

Such groups can afford expensive sweepstakes prizes, and points in all these casinos are accumulated on a single player's account.

Loyalty Program Levels

All good casinos have loyalty programs, according to which each player is assigned a status. For example:

  • bronze,
  • silver,
  • gold,
  • platinum.

A client moves to a new level when he fulfills certain conditions, such as making deposits for a certain amount or losing a lot.

They are usually assigned to all players, although in rare cases, participation in the program is possible only by the administration's invitation.

The higher the status of the user, the more points he gets for the bets, and the better conditions for exchanging Comp points for money.

Many casinos also provide customers with the highest levels of additional benefits. For example, they may receive holiday gifts or sweepstakes prizes.

Land-based casinos reward high-rollers with free menus, expensive meals and beverages, hotel accommodations on the house, etc.

VIP Programs

Large casinos often offer VIPs additional benefits beyond the standard loyalty programs. In other words, some customers enjoy benefits unavailable to other users, even with the highest loyalty program status.

Systematizing these offers is impossible because each casino decides how to encourage big players. Most often, personal bonuses, managers, returning losses, special conditions for deposit and withdrawal, exclusive sweepstakes and tournaments, invitations to private parties, etc.

vip customer rewards at the casino

How to Use VIP Programs

Experienced players use the comp-point system to overcome the house edge that the casino has over them in all games. They look for casinos with the most favorable terms, try to climb to the highest level, and make bets in games with the greatest return.

For example, they can play the most profitable video poker game, strictly following the basic strategy recommendations. It will contain minimal house edge, so they theoretically lose a bit in the long run. A refund in a loyalty program compensates for these expenses.

We should also mention other benefits high rollers receive, such as:

Do not forget to examine the terms of the bonus program at every casino where you will play.


Playing in a casino is unnecessary if it does not offer a good loyalty program, even if it has the best games. All respectable casinos have such a system. Make sure you participate in it before you start betting for real money. Do not pass free raffles and lotteries. Use everything the casino offers to keep you within its walls.

Tell us about your personal experience participating in loyalty programs. This information is essential for beginners.

Frequently asked Questions

✴ What are casino comp points?

Comp points, or complimentary points, are awarded to customers of online casinos for their activities, such as making deposits, playing games, and so on. These points can be exchanged for gifts, real money, bonuses, etc.

💵 What can I get for comp points at online casinos?

Most gambling websites allow exchanging comp points for bonuses or real money. Some casinos may offer other options, like free spins, gadgets, etc.

👴 Are comp points available to all casino customers?

As a rule, all clients who play for real money automatically receive comp points. The number of points awarded depends on the level of the customer.

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