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There are a lot of different betting systems at casinos. Most of players try to follow at least one of them at certain stages of their career. Frankly speaking, it should be noted that the most over-hyped systems are nothing more than trash that does not help to achieve the winning results and even deprives you of your bankroll under certain circumstances.

To avoid being accused of making unsubstantiated statements, let's start the discussion of betting systems with the most popular strategy that is referred to as - the Martingale betting system (Martingale). There are several variations of it, but the common principle consists in doubling a bet after each loss. This system dates back to the mid-18th century. It has been subjected to harsh criticism during the whole period of its existence. Nevertheless, it is still in demand among gamblers, especially beginners.

Standard Martingale Strategy

It is mainly used while playing roulette on equal chances. The player wagers on any color and doubles the bet until he or she wins. Then he or she makes the minimum bet again and continues to play at least in the same way. We want to emphasize that the Martingale betting system requires a good supply of money. After all, when the initial bet is equal to one dollar, the tenth bet is five hundred and twelve dollars. And you bet this money to win just one dollar. To be sure, the desired color comes up much earlier, but each casino has its own betting limits, so it is prohibited to wager on the same field even from one to five hundred dollars. Well, we guess that you understand what it means. You will reach the upper table limit before the desired color appears. So, the system will lose its sense. Further bets on this field will not return the lost funds.

Prolonged Martingale System

According to this betting system, bets are usually made on straights that are paid 35:1 in case of a victory. The bet is not doubled after each loss, but it increases gradually after reaching a certain stage. If you win, everything starts from the beginning. Thus, the number of spins decreases with each new bet. One dollar is bet within thirty-five spin; two dollars are wagered during seventeen spins, three dollars are bet in eleven spins, and so on. The earlier the desired number shows up after changing the bet size, the bigger is your payout.

Many players report that this system works, but sooner or later you will come across a series of unprofitable spins, which leads to the loss of your money. Besides, you should keep in mind that the dealer quickly understands what you want to do, and it is not difficult for the professional croupier to spin the ball to the direction opposite to the desired number.

American Martingale Betting Strategy

This system is popular among those who like betting on dozens and columns while playing roulette. There is no sense in discussing it, because it consists in doubling bets after each loss. This provides it with the same disadvantages as the basic betting system.

Broadly speaking, discussing those who support the Martingale betting strategy, we can presume that these players do not understand the first principle of appearance of numbers on the roulette wheel. It consists in the fact that a new winning number is not related to the previous one. This process cannot be compared with the probability to receive an ace in blackjack, which increases with the appearance of other cards from a shoe. In roulette the same number can virtually come up an infinite quantity of times, not to mention the color or even/odd. The author of this article saw the appearance of the red color over thirty times in a row with a few cases when the ball landed on zero, which only worsened the situation while making even money bets. As you can see, the Martingale system is completely useless in such cases, since any casino has such a wide range of bets.

It is up to you to decide whether this system is worth playing or not, but we recommend that you should use it. Moreover, note that at many casinos such systems are not only allowed but even encouraged. We guess that this is the best evidence of its uselessness and even harm.

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