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This gambling game is found in numerous versions that have different names. The most common types include Big Six, Money Wheel, Lucky Wheel, Wheel of Fortune and Big Wheel. The general rules and unique features of variations are described in this article.

General Description

The traditional game consists of a vertical wheel, divided into sectors with indicated amounts of potential winnings. There are also spaces with additional symbols. The same numbers are repeated in the special table where bets from the customers of casinos are directly made.

The goal of Fortune Wheel is to predict a number, make one or more bets and get a payout.

The sizes of payouts are usually written on the sectors. The smaller is the amount, the more such sectors are present on the wheel.

The following amounts appear the most frequently on the wheel: $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20. The joker is also traditionally drawn on the wheel. It can bring the payout that exceeds twice the maximum one. This version of Wheel of Fortune prevails in Las Vegas casinos.

The number of spaces with one or the other amount in the classic version is the following:

  • One dollar - 24 spaces
  • Two dollars - 15 spaces
  • Five dollars - 7 spaces
  • Ten dollars - 4 spaces
  • Twenty dollars - 2 spaces
  • Joker - 2 spaces

Customers can make several bets on one spin. The bet size is usually fixed and is equal to one dollar. If it is possible to stake different amounts, the certain range is determined and the payouts are calculated according to the following multipliers: x1, x2, x5, x10 and x20.


The gameplay is similar to events that happen at the tables for roulette. Customers place their bets on the sectors of the table and the dealer starts spinning the wheel to determine the winning sector. It is supposed to be a sector, which will be located opposite to the fixed pointer when the wheel stops.

Then lost bets go to the cashier of an establishment and payouts are credited according to the rules.


The different versions of the game may have various symbols on the sectors of the wheel, which provide additional benefits to the players. The models may also differ in payout odds, number of spaces, jackpots and some other features.

There are also variations of Wheel of Fortune that involve dice (Dice Wheel). The rules for these models will be discussed in the separate review.


The majority of variations of Wheel of Fortune are very unprofitable for players, because all of them have very high house advantage. For example, the above-mentioned version of the game with the Las Vegas rules has the house edge that varies from about 11% to 24%.

Due to bonus payouts, high multipliers, additional prize sectors and special features of jokers, the payout percentage of some versions may be about ninety-five percent. The most attractive models in this respect may be found at online casinos.

If you have ever played Wheel of Fortune, tell other readers about your experience. Write your opinions in the comments.

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