video poker rules

General Description of Video Poker

Video poker is a type of slot machine that is inspired by poker and has a large number of variations. This is one of the most trendy games of chance so it can be found almost in all land-based and virtual casinos. Online versions of video poker do not differ from analogs in brick and mortar gaming halls. In this article, we will discuss the basic rules that are traditional for all types of video poker.

The aim of playing video poker is to collect a paid poker combination.

Opponents and partners are absent, so there is no need to compare hands. It is enough to collect a hand from the paytable, and winning is guaranteed.

Video poker combinations are similar to the classic poker combinations:

  • a pair,
  • two pairs,
  • three of a kind,
  • straight,
  • flush,
  • full house,
  • four of a kind,
  • straight flush,
  • and royal flush.

IIn different kinds of video poker, not all hands are valid and paid.

Joker is widely used in various kinds of video poker. This role can be played by a separate card or one of the standard cards. Natural hands (without jokers) are usually paid higher than wild ones (with jokers).

It is possible to clarify the list of all paid hands in the selected version of video poker in the paytable, which is always available in each slot. Combinations in the paytable are usually arranged in ascending order.

You should also pay attention to the payout for each bet since these payouts can be disproportionate. So, it is more beneficial to collect some hands (usually the highest-ranking ones) that are more profitable than others.

Video Poker Gameplay

At the beginning of the game, you need to choose a bet and click on Deal. You will receive five cards. Evaluating the situation, you can hold the desired card by clicking on Hold located in front of them, and the remaining cards can be exchanged for free. If you have a paid hand after that, you will get a payout provided by the paytable.

 Bonus Poker paytable

However, most types of video poker offer a Double Up round. Five cards appear in front of the player. One of them is revealed. The player's task is to choose one of the dealt cards. If its rank is higher, the payout is doubled.

Otherwise, the player loses his bet. Having entered this mode, you can exit only after selecting one of the cards.

Some rules allow users to double the bet several times, and some casinos even pay special bonuses to those who have been able to do this ten times in a row.

Video Poker Options

There are also versions of multi-hand video poker. The valuable features worth noting include auto hold mode, whose activation allows the video slot to independently assess the situation and hold the cards that are supposed to be the most profitable by the optimal strategy.

Where to play video poker in New Zealand

Most online casinos offer numerous video pokers by several software providers. Do not forget to check out the RTPs. Choose the games with the highest returns to the player. 

On Casinoz, you can play video pokers for free. You will find demos in the reviews. 

Frequently asked Questions

🃏 What is the aim of player in video poker?

To get a payout in video poker, the player must collect a poker combination from the paytable. There is no need to beat any opponent. The payout is guaranteed.

🔥 Are there many video pokers?

There are several classic video pokers and many less common variants. Some providers also offer unique games featuring unusual rules.

🤑 Are there jackpots in video pokers?

In some video pokers, players can win a progressive jackpot. As a rule, it is necessary to get the highest poker combinations while betting five coins. 

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