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One of the most attractive versions of roulette is No Zero Roulette. It allows users to play according to the most favorable conditions, but it is not so easy to find it at modern brick and mortar or online casinos.

The rules for this game, main stages of gameplay and available models are discussed in this article below.

General Description

No Zero Roulette is a kind of classic European roulette. As it is clear from its title, it differs from the classic version primarily in the absence of a zero on the wheel and the layout.

Thus, only thirty-six pockets numbered from 1 to 36 are available. They are repeated on the fields intended for betting on the table layout.

The main goal of the game remains unchanged. It is necessary to guess the pocket into which the ball will fall and make the appropriate bets, which are paid according to the established multipliers in the case of victory.

No Zero Roulette provides the opportunity to make all inside (on a single or several numbers) and outside (on color, odd or even, passe or manque, columns and dozens) bets. We are not going to discuss them in detail. If you need information concerning this question, open the article that deals with the basic rules of roulette.

There is no racetrack for announced bets on neighbors or sectors in No Zero Roulette. Rare bets (completes, finals, etc.) are not available.

It is allowed to combine bets at the player's discretion. It is prohibited to exceed the limits for selected positions and the total maximum amount for the table.

The multipliers for calculation of payouts are standard for European roulette. This means that the establishment does not have the house edge. Most casinos that offer No Zero Roulette compensate for it by the commission fees, which are taken either from the bets or winnings.


As for the gameplay, it has no surprises. The customers make their bets and the dealer spins the ball to determine the winning number.

Then losing bets go to the house and winning bets are paid according to the established multipliers.

The round is over and the new one starts.


The basic rules remain the same in all models of No Zero Roulette. The differences relate to the presence/absence of commission fees for the bets and interface features.

No Zero Roulette with commission fees is available in the ranges of online casinos released by Alfaplay. The review of this game can be found following the link.


The absence of house edge is surely a very attractive feature. As you know, such gambling games are not very interesting to casinos. That is why No Zero Roulette in its most profitable version is rarely offered in online and offline gambling and its variant with commission fees, which we have discussed above, is another thing.

We'd like to know your opinion regarding this model. You can also share your opinions and experience acquired while playing No Zero Roulette.

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