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Zodiac Review

12 Do you read horoscopes and listen to the astrologists advices planning your days? Many people consider such forecasts a joke, but it is hardly possible to find any adult who doesn't know his horoscope sign. It shows that there are no people totally indifferent to astrology and all of us would like to take a look into the future at least with a single eye.

Percentage of those who believes in horoscopes should be even higher among the gamblers, that’s why Net Entertainment company has released «Zodiac» scratch card specially for them, where they can set up the design in style of their signs.

8.25 /10
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How to Play Zodiac

«Zodiac» is a

Zodiac Bonus games

Any bonuses are not provided by the rules of «Zodiac» lottery.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in this online scratch card.

Zodiac Interface

It is easy to control the gameplay of «Zodiac» lottery because its interface consists just of few elements:
  • Buy Ticket/Reveal All – buy a ticket/scratch all protective coatings.
  • Demo – test the game in the demo mode.
  • Paytable – open the pay table.
  • Cash – a state of the player’s account (tips by the game appear in the same window).
As it was already mentioned above, it is possible to choose a winning zodiac sign in «Zodiac» game, which would be displayed in the large cell. To make it, just click at one of the symbol situated at the left and the right from the main screen of the game.
It is also possible to switch off the sound and use the informational section in «Zodiac». Protective coating can be scratched manually with help of the mouse or automatically by the special button, so you can choose the most suitable way for you.


«Zodiac» is the beautiful scratch card with high payouts and the convenient interface. This model should be especially interesting for the fans of horoscopes and the customers which believe their sign can bring them luck.
Please don't forget that «Zodiac» scratch card has quite a high casino advantage, that’s why you don't have to be too swept away by this game. We can’t give you any practical advices by the strategy, because the result of the game depends exceptionally of the random number generator in scratch cards and you can’t affect it.

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Testing «Zodiac» lottery and other scratch cards without registration in a fun mode or start playing by real money at once is possible in Unibet Casino Red. It can also be found in some other online casinos which present games produced by Net Entertainment company.
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