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The so-called double-up game is typically available in video pokies, classic pokies, and video poker games. It's not mandatory for any of these categories, but many software providers for online gambling implement this option in many of their games.

In this article on Casinoz, we will explore the main variations of the double-up feature in pokies and video poker games and discuss its unusual types.

What Is a Double-Up Game in Pokies?

First, let's briefly explain to newcomers what we are talking about. This gameplay option in pokies is known under several names, including the following:

  • the double-up feature,
  • the double-up game,
  • the risk game,
  • the gamble game, etc.

Gamblers can trigger it at the end of a spin, during which they get a payout. Participation is never compulsory, and players decide what to do with the money they win.

The double-up feature, no matter what form it has, gives a chance to increase the payout significantly.

Usually, multiple consecutive actions are permitted, but there's no room for error. A single incorrect answer means the money at stake goes to the casino.

Risk game in ninja master

In most double-up games, the player competes equally with the casino. In other words, the chances of winning or losing are 50/50.

In its traditional form, it's possible to wager the entire payout. Occasionally, there's an option to risk half of the amount. Even more rarely, players can choose which portion of the payouts to risk. There's almost always a maximum limit, and the game automatically ends upon reaching it.

The Most Common Types of the Double-Up Feature in Pokies

Now, let's discuss the main versions of the double-up game.

Climbing Up the Stairs

This is the simplest and perhaps the least exciting type, well-known to all experienced players. Visually, it can be presented in several variations, but that doesn't change its essence.

Risk game on pokies Merkur

The player must indicate whether to continue the game or end the round. If the gambler makes a bet, the program determines whether it wins or loses. With a favorable outcome, the payout doubles, and the player proceeds to the next step.

Some developers still use this version in games, although newer versions gradually replace it.

Guessing the Card's Color

An attempt to guess the color of a face-down card is one of the most common double-up feature in pokie machines. The principle, we believe, is understandable without explanation. Choose the red or black.

  1. If you are right, your payout doubles.
  2. If you are wrong, you lose the bet.

There are no ties.

Risk game Guess the Card

In Merkur's pokies, after receiving the payout, the player can choose between moving up the pyramid's steps or choosing the color of a face-down card. It's hard to say which is more advantageous, but having an alternative is always good.

Guessing the Card’s Color or Suit

Many developers offer users the choice of what to guess: the color or the suit of the face-down card. In this case, correctly naming the suit doubles the payout, while identifying the suit correctly quadruples the amount.

 Color and suit of a card

There are no other significant differences from the feature that only involves guessing the color.

Trying to Beat the Face-Up Card

This option is often implemented in video poker but is also occasionally available in video pokies. When starting the round, the player sees one face-up and four face-down cards. 

Risk games in video poker

The gambler must choose one of the face-down cards. If it beats the face-up card, the customer wins. If it loses, the player loses the money.

There can be a tie.

Rare Versions of the Double-Up Feature

And now, onto the most interesting part. Many developers don't limit themselves to standard variations of the double-up game and offer customers pokies unique features.

Listing all of them in a single article seems impossible, so let's focus on some of them, examining them by particular pokie machines, entire series, and even brands.

The Double-Up Game in the Untamed Series by Microgaming

The pokie machines in the Untamed series, dedicated to noble animals from the wild, are in demand among customers of many online casinos.

The double-up game here aligns with the central theme.

  1. The player selects the animal's or bird's habitat on a world map.
  2. A pointer resembling a clock hand starts moving.
  3. If it stops in the chosen sector, the payout increases.

Naturally, the larger the sector, the smaller the potential winnings. Players can bet any part of the money won in the spin.

The Double-Up Games in Betsoft Pokies.

This developer is known for amazing 3D video pokies, incredible gameplay features, and stunning three-dimensional graphics.

The double-up games in these pokies usually involve the main character.

Often, there's an option to play with them in the classic "heads or tails" game, although other variations are also possible.

You should try these pokies because they offer other unusual and exciting options.

The Double-Up Game in the Gold Strike Pokie by Microgaming

There can be unique double-up features in specific pokie machines, which we'll illustrate using the Gold Mine pokie available in Quickfire-powered casinos. Here, you can place various bets on the card resulting from a particular draw.

Accordingly, bets can be placed on its suit, color, value, and other parameters. Payout amounts depend on the type of bet.

Risk game at Gold Strike

We'll conclude the discussion of unusual versions here for now. However, the article is likely to be supplemented with paragraphs dedicated to other variations of the double-up game, so stay tuned for updates.

Where to Play Pokies with a Double-Up Game

We hope our article has opened your eyes to a surprisingly wide variety of versions of such a common option as a gamble game. Many users initially refuse it, although it can increase the probability of a successful result and simply add variety to the gameplay. We think that from now on you will not be one of them.

Many interesting pokie machines with different variations of this round are available in the famous online casinos listed below.

What Else Should You Know About the Double-Up Game in Pokies?

We hope our article has illuminated the wide variety of versions of a standard gameplay option like the double-up game. Many users initially opt out of it, although it can increase the likelihood of a successful outcome and add variety to the gaming process.

If you want to share your opinions on the article or mention versions not described above, leave your feedback in the comments.

Frequently asked Questions

🎲 What Is a Double-Up Game in Pokies?

The double-up game, also known as the risk game or gamble game, is an optional feature available in some pokie machines and video poker games. It allows players to potentially increase their winnings after a successful spin by making a choice or guessing the outcome of a game within the game.

💲 How Does the Double-Up Game Work in Pokie Machines?

After receiving a payout from a winning spin, players can start the double-up game. This typically involves making a choice or a guess. If successful, the winnings double, but an incorrect guess results in losing the initial payout.

🎰 What Are the Most Common Types of the Double-Up Feature in Pokies?

The common variations include: Climbing Up the Stairs: A simple game where players decide to continue or end the round to double their winnings potentially. Guessing the Card's Color: Players predict the color of a face-down card (red or black) for a chance to double their winnings. Guessing the Card's Color or Suit: Similar to the above, but players can also guess the suit for a quadruple payout. Trying to Beat the Face-Up Card: Available in video poker and some pokies, players choose a face-down card to beat the face-up card for a doubling of winnings.

💎 Where Can You Play Top Pokies with the Double-Up Game in 2024?

Numerous online casinos offer pokie machines with various versions of the double-up feature. Some well-known casinos feature these exciting pokie games.

😍 Are There Unusual Variations of the Double-Up Game in Pokies?

Yes, some developers introduce unique double-up game features: The Untamed Series by Microgaming: Players select an animal's habitat on a world map for a chance to increase their payout. Betsoft Pokies: Known for 3D pokies, games by this provider offer double-up options, often involving the main character in various games. Gold Strike Pokie by Microgaming: Allows betting on specific parameters of a drawn card, offering different payout amounts.

❓ Is the Double-Up Game in Pokies Mandatory?

No, participation in the double-up game is always optional. Players can choose whether or not to risk their winnings for a chance to increase them.

👌 How Should Players Approach the Double-Up Game in 2024?

It's essential to recognize that the double-up game involves risk. While it can enhance winnings, it's equally likely to result in losing the initial payout. Players should weigh the risk and excitement before participating.

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