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The ban on gambling in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and some other nearby countries has inevitably led to the growing popularity of online casinos. Despite the government's promises to create comfortable gambling zones and even opening of some of them in Russia, we still consider this step a ban in this area, because such solution is able to meet the needs and demands of only a very small part of gambling enthusiasts.

These initiatives inevitably raise a number of questions for all concerned:

What will happen to the gambling industry in Russia and neighboring countries? Would it go into the shadows? Will virtual gambling establishments be able to become a full replacement for real ones? Is the playing public ready for the new conditions?

Let's try to give answers in the article.

First steps of online casino

At first, many people thought that the prospects for online gambling are not rosy. There were plenty of reasons for pessimism:

  • Low level of computer literacy of Russian-speaking players,
  • Specific features of the gambling process on the Internet,
  • Distrust of electronic casinos and so on.

However, a few months after the introduction of restrictions on the work of offline institutions, it became clear that interest in the game in the world wide web is growing rapidly.

We must say that this is considerable merit of the online casinos themselves. Quickly recognizing a promising direction of development, many reputable institutions translated the interface of their sites and software to Russian, compiled detailed help sections, put Russian-speaking employees in the support service and generally began to work actively with the former Soviet citizens.

In short, an increasing number of online casinos have become convenient for players who speak Russian, but living outside of Russia.

A few years later, the share of gambling public who prefer to play for money in the network has increased several times.

Of course, part of the playing public still prefers real institutions. But, frankly, only a few of them appear in official institutions. The main mass has turned into visitors illegal casinos, working in many cities.

Gambling zones of the Russian Federation

At first, large investors were in no hurry to invest in gambling legally. The Russian government is too fickle in its decisions. Today, the playing area is here, and tomorrow, you see, it will be transferred to a few tens or hundreds of kilometers. Similar situations have happened before.

There was a rather stupid situation when the state prohibits the whole industry, it goes underground (online and offline), and the budget loses revenues that could be obtained with more competent management.

But later the situation changed for the better. Gambling zones of Russia little by little began to function, and the casinos working there became really popular. Of course, not everyone can afford to visit them on a regular basis, but now gambling people have the opportunity to play legally.

Blocking gambling sites

When Internet gambling gained huge popularity, the government inevitably paid attention to it and, with its characteristic determination, undertook to pursue the organizers of online casinos.

What happened next? The answer is known to all who are interested in this industry:

  • Ban on online gambling advertising,
  • Blocking sites of this subject,
  • Measures with regard to thematic media and so on.

Of course, most operators managed to avoid responsibility. The public learned to circumvent the blockages. There were casino mirrors, browser plugins, VPN services, and other tricks.

Thus, this war continues, although it is obvious that the conclusion of peace on mutually beneficial terms would benefit all: the state, operators, and players.

The prospects of online gambling

We want to believe that the authorities will be able to restore order in the industry in the future so that it works for the benefit of the country's citizens. We can only rejoice in the fact that the industry at least increases the level of service, reliability, and security. The probability of being deceived, if properly approached, is reduced to a minimum. We want to believe, that soon such troubles will remain only in memories.

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