Many manufacturers of software for online casinos that offer various types of online video poker are not limited to the release of classic versions of this popular game of chance and develop their own original types. The great example of this approach is the model called Wild Texas, which has been developed by the company SoftSwiss.

It has a very beautiful interface, designed in the style of westerns and some unusual rules (of course, they can not be called unique). Reviewers of the portal Casinoz have prepared a detailed review of the game, which will help gamblers to manage it.

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The online casino Evolution provides the opportunity to run the video poker without registration using conditional bets or real bets after opening an account. Wild Texas can be tested directly at Casinoz.
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How to Play Wild Texas (BGaming)

Wild Texas Poker is a free video poker with traditional general rules. A standard 52-card deck with a joker is used in the game. It replaces missing cards and generates additional combinations (about them below).
The goal of Wild Texas is to collect a paid combination, exchanging up to five cards for free, if necessary.
It is possible to play the video poker Texas Wild betting on one, five, ten, twenty-five, fifty, or one hundred lines. If the game is held on one hand, the user receives five cards and exchanges the unnecessary ones. Then the hands are paid if this is provided by the pay table.
If you stake on several lines, five cards are dealt in the first hand. The player discards and cards that he holds will be duplicated on all lines. Then, new cards of the separate decks are dealt on each line. Therefore the number of lines is similar to the number of used decks.
The bet may be from one to five coins. The range of their values varies depending on the number of hands. For example, if you play on a single line, the coin value may be from 0.4 to 20 euros. And if you bet on one hundred hands, the coin values are from 0.04 to 0.2 euros. Therefore the winning sum per round can not exceed one hundred euros.
Standard poker hands from a pair of kings to a royal flush are paid in the video poker Wild Texas. Five of a kind (four of a kind with a joker) and wild royal flush (royal flush with a joker) have their own odds. It should be noted that when you play betting five coins the payout for a royal flush is disproportionately overestimated and is five thousand coins. So it is always necessary to stake five coins.
The total payout, credited for all hands, or its half can be wagered to double it. It is necessary to randomly open one of four cards. If it has a higher rank than the face-up card, the payout will be doubled. Otherwise, the user loses the whole sum. If cards have the same rank, the draw is declared.
There is no information about the theoretical payout percentage of Wild Texas.

Bonus games

Wild Texas doesn't have bonus rounds or bonus payouts.


The progressive jackpot is not provided.


Let's discuss inscriptions of the interface:
  • Deal allows dealing cards
  • Bet One is sued to select the bet size
  • Bet Max allows betting five coins
  • Hands allows choosing the number of hands
  • Max Hands allows playing using all available lines
  • Coin Value is used to select the coin value
  • Coins shows the bet size in coins
  • Total Bet shows the total bet per round in credits
  • Double allows doubling
  • Double Half allows betting the half of the payout
  • Help is used to open a section with rules
  • Back is used to exit the game
  • Sound turns off the sound
  • Fullscreen expands the game to full screen
  • Settings allows changing settings
The pay table is located either above the cards (when the player makes a bet on a single hand) or from the left side (if the bet involves several lines). It shows winnings in coins.
The game has a section Help with a description of the rules, a window of user settings (sound only) and the ability to expand the window to full screen.
It is possible to play Wild Texas directly in the browser, so it is not necessary to download the video poker.

Should You Play for Real Money in New Zealand?

If we discuss the Wild Texas Poker from the point of view of the interface, spectacular graphics and convenience, the model can be considered to be almost perfect. But the experienced player wants to know how to reduce the house advantage. At the moment, we are unable to provide this information. Therefore, it is too early to make final conclusions of this model
Recommendations about the optimal strategies for the video poker Wild Texas will be available on the website later. At the moment, you can use the general advices from the corresponding section of our portal. We want to remind you that you should always stake five coins.
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