Please don't you say that you have never played Tetris in your life. It is impossible in theory if some part of your life was in period from the end of eightieth to the beginning of two thousandth. «Tetris» computer game was invented by Russian programmer Alexey Pazhitov in 1984 and it became the symbol of the following twenty years.
We wouldn't like to describe its rules here, because everybody have tried to build rows of the figures, consisting of four squares. There is no sense in talking about all possible versions of Tetris as well, because there were no outstanding models, which could overshadow the original, among them.
Let’s better go forward to the topic of out discussion - Slotblox slot machine, which was released by AshGaming company. It was said in its official description that it was created under impression of the popular arcade game and it becomes clear from the first sight, which game was meant.
The design of the interface of Slotblox game looks so similar with Tetris that it can hardly be ranged as a video slot. However, online casinos where we have found it range this model exactly to this category, that’s why we have nothing to do except of to agree with them.
We should say at once: if you feel lazy to read a long review, you can start playing right now. Slotblox is one of those slots, learning playing which is better in practice, just following the process during several spins.

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Where to Play Slotblox pokie?

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You can find Slotblox online game in Unibet Casino Black. There you can play by the real money or launch it in a training mode. Moreover, it is possible to launch slot machines even without registration by the virtual bets in this online casino. This model is also presented in some other online casinos, powered by the software developed by AshGaming company.

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How to Play pokie

Slotblox is an unusual free online slot machine, created in style of Tetris. There are no standard reels and pay lines here. The winnings are paid out by complete horizontal lines, which last from one edge to another. The lines are formed of dropping blocks.

As against of Tetris, it is not possible to move or turn the blocks in Slotblox slot machine. The block drop out one after another randomly, making random accumulation, while the player can only follow this process. The formed complete rows are burnt. The round finishes when the screen is filled with blocks to the top.

It is possible to play Slotblox slot machine by the bet in range from twenty cents to one thousand dollars.

In case some of the symbols forms several rows in the same time (two, three or four), an amount of the payoff would be increased. In case some quantity of lines are burnt repeatedly during one round, the winning is also increased. Amounts of the potential payouts by all possible gaming situations are displayed in the special table according to the current bet.

The theoretical cash back index of Slotblox video slot is 94,5%.

Symbols, Wild, Scatter

There are no common symbols in Slotblox slot machine. As you have already understood, the winning combinations are formed of colorful blocks, while its colors are no matter.

Sometimes blinking figures appear  at the screen. In case any line is made with such block, the player gets a right for ten free rounds by the latest bet. Double payoff indexes are in force during these rounds.

This gaming round can be prolonged.

Bonus games

There are no bonus games in Slotblox video slot.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Slotblox video slot.


Although the interface of Slotblox slot machine is available only in English language, it is easy to study out how to play on it even for those who don’t speak this language. Just in case, we have prepared some tips by the functions of the main buttons of the control panel, which would be useful for the beginners:

  • Play - start a new game.
  • Auto Play - an automatic game mode.
  • Stake Up - increase the bet.
  • Stake Down - decrease the bet.
  • Slow Mode - play in a slow mode.

The payment table is situated at the left part of the screen. The gained winnings are lighten up there. The informational windows can be found at right side.

Should You Play Slot for Real Money in New Zealand?

Slotblox is an interesting game, which would let you remind Tetris and provide an opportunity to fight for large payouts. It is too unusual to recommend it to all the gamblers, but it is definitely worth of testing, perhaps, for everybody.

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