Darts Review

Darts is the very exciting game, which is often met in pubs of Great Britain, United States and some other countries. Of course, it is hardly possible to find a man who doesn't know rules of this game, but just in case, we would like to remind you that you have to throw darts to the target with the special marking.

Some time ago online casinos powered by the software developed by Playtech company have presented a virtual darts in two versions: Darts and Jackpot Darts. These games can be found in «Arcade Games» section. In case they make difference to each other only by the jackpot raffled in the second version, that’s why we would like to discuss them in the context of Darts.

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Where to Play Darts?

Play Free Demo Darts without registration

It is possible to find Darts almost in all online casinos, powered by the software developed by Playtech. You can see logos of such gambling houses with links to their official websites, where you can play this and many other games after a quick registration, below.

NZ Online Casinos with Darts

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How to Play Darts

In the central window of Darts you can see a target, which exactly repeat the one used in the real game. A hand appearing at the screen throws darts. It makes a feeling of the live game. However we can’t call Darts developed by Playtech a darts simulator because the customers don't take direct part in the gameplay, but only stake on result.
Kinds of bets
There are three kinds of bets in Darts:
  • Bet on at least one of three darts hits the proper sector of the target - the simplest and clearest kind of bet. You can stake it selecting sectors by mouse.
  • Bet per combinations of darts are more complicated. They are staked in the special window, which is situated in the left corner of the screen. This bet is on some combination hit special number of times in result of the shot (form zero to three). Combinations can consist of sectors colors to of the circles at the target.
  • Moreover, each of the target’s sectors has its number and the players can stake on the total amount hit in result of three shots. These bets are staked in the window situated in the left bottom corner of the screen.
In the beginning of the game the player has to choose the value of chips, which he is going to stake. Then he makes bets combining them on his discretion. If you hover the mouse at one of the sectors, chances for winning would be displayed in «Betting chances» window, which is situated at right. They can be displayed as fraction or decimal numbers by the player’s choice. Number of bets is unlimited, while its total amount is displayed in «Staked» window in the left bottom corner.
As soon as the player stakes all desired bets, he has to click at the Bet button. The hand which throws three darts one by one appear at the screen. Received wins are displayed in so called «Betting table». It is possible to increase the total amount in the special round, which reminds the gambling feature usually used in slot machines. However here you would have to throw one more dart and the result determines if your bet is doubled up or it loses.
An interesting fact is that when some of the darts hits next to the line, which separates the sectors, the player can see the video repeat in close up. Perhaps it was made to improve realistic effect.


A progressive jackpot is raffled in the version of this game named Jackpot Darts. The player becomes the owner of this prize when all three darts hit the center of the target («bulls eye»). In case only one dart hits it, the player gets a special jackpot in amount of twenty bets. If two darts get into the central circle, the customer is provided with a jackpot in amount of two thousand bets.

Darts Interface

Playing Darts game developed by Playtech is comfortable and pleasant when you study out all kinds of bets. The carefully worked out interface doesn't make difficulties at any levels of the game, while the graphics is realistic indeed.

Should You Play Darts for Real Money in New Zealand?

Darts is the not bad gambling entertainment, which able to bring some variety into the routine gameplay. It is possible to play this game for fun before you start staking the real bets.
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