Crash, Hamster, Crash! - is an unusual crash slot, similar in mechanics to Aviator. Created by Romanian studio Mascot Gaming, the release was in February 2024. Despite the fact that in the industry is already difficult to surprise something new, Crash, Hamster, Crash! will succeed: flying saucer, kidnapping hamsters from the forest, will not leave anyone indifferent. You can win up to x5000 of the bet.

The game brings with it a lot of great mood and excitement. It is great for any category of players. If in the subway someone is looking at the phone and smiling, it is very possible that on the screen of the UFO abducts hamsters!

8.80 /10
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Where to Play Crash, Hamster, Crash! pokie?

Crash, Hamster, Crash! by Mascot Gaming should only be played at an honest casino. Where to find such a casino? Certainly not in a search engine: it takes too long to do it manually, and there's no guarantee that you'll end up at a good one. The easiest way to find a proven casino is through Casinoz - only the best ones are collected here. For each there is a review with pros and cons. And you can also see what casinos have slot Crash, Hamster, Crash!

Play Free Demo slot

In the demo Crash, Hamster, Crash! you can play for free to try it out and then decide whether to make a deposit or look for another slot. You don't even need to register for the demo game. Attempts are given a lot: the player gets a conditional balance of 10,000 points.

Developers use the demo as an advertisement: they give the player to try it for free to get interested.

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Did you like  Crash, Hamster, Crash! and decided to play for real money? Through Casinoz top casinos, you can quickly see exactly where this slot is available. This is very convenient for novelties that have not yet had time to appear everywhere.

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How to Play pokie

Crash, Hamster, Crash! can be safely attributed to the section of quirky: there are no reels, paylines and symbols. There is a forest where hamsters live, and there is a flying saucer that wants to kidnap them. Your task: make a bet and manage to collect your winnings before the UFO takes the hamster. This happens at a random time after the start. Until the saucer has not kidnapped the hamster - on the screen is growing coefficient of winnings. It can be from x1.01 to x5000. If you did not click on the withdrawal of the winnings in time - the bet is burned. You can bet on 1-3 hamsters at a time to choose from. The size of bets - from 0.02$ to 5$ (the same in demo version). You can bet different amounts on different hamsters: for example, on the first hamster - 0.02, on the second - 1, and on the third - 5. The more money you bet, the more beautifully dressed the hamster will be.

Strategy: How to Win at pokie

Unlike regular slots with 3 or 5 reels, where it is impossible to play by strategy, in crash games it can be applied. The simplest option is to bet on small amounts, and catch odds no higher than 1.2-1.3. There is another strategy, for those who do not mind the risk: on one or two hamsters to take the winnings at odds up to 1.2-1.3, and on the third - trying to catch a higher multiplier.

Reaction plays a big part in crash games. Practice on one hamster first, and then add more if you wish.


To start playing Crash, Hamster, Crash!

  1. On the start screen, choose how many hamsters you will bet on, and how much. The amounts can be the same or different.

  2. Start the game. Each round can be started manually with the Go! button, or automatically (by clicking on Autoplay). In the second case, the rates can be changed between rounds, but it is given only 3 seconds, while the countdown.

  3. When the multiplier starts to increase on the screen - click Collect in front of one of the three hamsters to collect the winnings from this bet, or Collect All to get money from all bets at once (if there are 2 or 3 of them).

The interface looks unconventional: on the left side of the screen is a clearing in the forest with hamsters and a flying saucer. Here you will also see the growing multiplier during the round. On the right side are all the controls. Between rounds here is a window with the choice of the number of hamsters and the bets for each. During the round there are buttons Collect (in front of each hamster separately) and Collect All (which takes all wins at the same time). It is more difficult to use the Collect button separately, because while you move the cursor from one to the other, the round may end.

Mobile Compatibility

Like many other slots, Crash, Hamster, Crash! has an adapted version for iOS and Android phones. The mobile version is better in that it displays correctly on smartphone and tablet screens. It also consumes less traffic than logging into the casino through a browser - which means it won't freeze during a round if you have a weak or intermittent connection.

It's more convenient to play crash games on smartphones and tablets than from a computer - because it's slower to move the mouse cursor than to poke your finger at the screen.

Should You Play Slot for Real Money in New Zealand?

The Casinoz editorial team wholeheartedly endorses Crash, Hamster, Crash!: you can and even should play it. Yes, this is not a classic slot with reels, lines and free spins - so their fans can pass by. But if you like crash games, then the design with hamsters and flying saucers should at least see. The mechanics itself takes some getting used to: if you want to bet on 2-3 hamsters, and take the winnings from each one manually, you'll need to move the cursor quickly.

Frequently asked Questions

💲 What is the maxbet in the game Crash, Hamster, Crash!

5 bucks a hamster.

📱 Can you play Crash, Hamster, Crash! by Mascot Gaming on your phone?

Yes, but preferably not in a public place. The game is funny and exciting.

🎲 What is the value of RTP in Crash, Hamster, Crash!

It's claimed to be 95%, but how was it calculated?

  • The game will make you smile
  • Sophisticated betting system
  • Nice winnings
  • Sometimes there are fatalities almost at the start
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Main info
Type of game Pokies
Manufacturer Mascot Gaming
Theme Animals, Adventure, Luck, UFO
Min bet 0.02 USD
Max bet 5 USD
RTP 95%
Max payout 5000 : 1
Is free test available Yes
Mobile version No
Issue date February 7, 2024
Progressive jackpot No
Wilds No
Scatter No
Gamble Feature No
3D slot No
Respins No
Progressive multipliers No