Cinerama Review

Cinerama is a game from Playtech that has been created for real moviegoers who want to become actors, visit numerous castings and auditions in hope to meet their shining hour! Maybe so, but it can occur in the blink of an eye or perhaps much earlier if you play successfully the slot at online casinos. As you know, it has been devoted to the cinema and everything related to it. Like the extra who is willing to endure the humiliation of the capricious and irritable director only in order to somehow be involved in the world of cinema, gamblers approach the intended purpose of hitting the jackpot. Well, we wish you good luck in the continuous pursuit of the happiness and the dream, which is actually very close.

9 /10
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Where to Play Cinerama pokie?

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If you have a desire to play Cinerama after reading this article, you can test this game at Europa Casino that is popular in the former Soviet Union or world-renowned Winner Casino.

NZ Online Casinos with Cinerama slot

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How to Play Cinerama pokie

Cinerama is a video slot with five reels and five paylines. This means that the five reels may form winning combinations. Each invested chip pays the opportunity to use an additional payline. When the reels stop, the computer checks the combinations comparing them to the embedded program and pays out the sum.
If you have ever dreamed of becoming a director, here it is your chance! This remarkable game with a progressive jackpot will put you in the director's chair and provide such an opportunity. You need only to wager 25 cents per spin to get the progressive jackpot. Actually, this is the goal of the game, but if you do not get the jackpot, it would be nice to get one of the winning combinations. Apart from the progressive jackpot, the game is characterized by the availability of the scatters, wild symbols, bonus of the director and box office bonus.
Gamers can play Cinerama only for real money. The minimum bet is 5 cents and the maximum is a quarter per spin. You can select one payline and stake one chip of the selected value, or you can select 2, 3, 4 paylines, paying them with the appropriate number of chips. The maximum number is 5. The win of the bonus game is added to the total payout. The pop-up window will inform you about winning the jackpot and the funds will be credited to the account without delay.
If the projector appears when you make the bet, it will be 25 bets (3 identical symbols), 1,000 bets (4 symbols) and jackpot (5 symbols).
If you have the similar results but without the maximum bet, the prize is the same, but instead of the jackpot you get 10,000 bets. Other outcomes are mentioned in brackets (2/3/4/5 identical symbols).
• script (10/60/300/1,000 bets)
• film (10/50/250/800)
• roll of film (5/40/200/600)
• megaphone (4/30/125/400)
• star (--- /20/100/300)
• projector (--- /20 /70/200)
• microphone (---/10/25/100)
The presence of the wild symbol adds the element of surprise to the game when this symbol will save your win. In this game the wild symbol is a film projector. Close a combination with it and get your prize!
Keep in mind that the wild symbol can neither replace the director symbol nor activate the bonus round.
The wild symbol can neither replace the symbol of headphones nor activate the bonus game.
The projector symbol can not replace the symbol of headphones that might contribute to receiving the bonus.
The game includes scatter symbols. The scatter symbol has received its name, because it can be anywhere and unexpectedly form winning combinations. When you spin the five-reel slot, you are waiting in suspense until the last reel stops.
The director bonus is provided when three or more director symbols appear on the screen and you should choose the actor in a leading role and the actress in a leading role. You will receive the bonus prize after making a choice. Then, your movie will participate in the Academy Awards, after which you will find out whether the film is approved by critics or not and the size of your bonus prize.
After the bonus round, you are returned to the basic mode of the game.
The box office bonus can be obtained if symbols of headphones appear. When you receive this bonus, you need to make a choice of four films and predict which one will gather the highest box office. If you guess correctly, you get the bonus prize, i.e. percentage of income from sales of the film.

Cinerama Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The symbols of the game include scripts, firecrackers, films, megaphones, stars on the Walk of Fame, spotlights and microphones.

Cinerama Bonus games

The bonus round is activated when at least one symbol of headphones appears on the screen.


The maximum payout in the game Cinerama is 10,000 bets and you can get it if the projector symbol appears when you make the maximum bet per spin. The progressive jackpot amount gradually accumulates in the game until the moment when any player wins it. For example, the slot machine Cinerama brought the great sum to the player from the United States in 2004. It was approximately 289 thousand dollars. It happened at Tropez Casino. Many gamers would like to step into his shoes.

Cinerama Interface

Become familiar with the control panel of this slot:

  • Spin allows spinning the reels
  • Bet Max allows making the highest bet
  • Bet One is used to activate one payline
  • Paytable shows the pay table

Should You Play Cinerama Slot for Real Money in New Zealand?

The game is valuable due to the fact that it has suspense. This is a very strong technique that keeps players in the state of tension throughout the game, not letting them get bored even for a minute. Hitchcock mastered this technique perfectly, that is why we watch his films despite the fact that they do not have much action. However they have become classics of cinema.
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