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Baccarat always had a special place in the world of gambling and enjoyed respect among casino regulars. High interest rates, the popularity among aristocracy, intricate etiquette - it all fueled interest in baccarat and created a certain excitement around it.

Reasons for it's unpopularity in online casinos

Online casino offered baccarat to their customers among the first games. But it turned out that a virtual version doesn't have the expected success. The reason was not in disbelief of players to the random number generator. At least, this is not the main reason for why baccarat wasn't popular in online casinos.

And the game lost its original charm. It ceased to be exciting. Animated process of card distribution could not replace the dealers. Players could not communicate with partners at the table, traditionally many respectable people. And it deprived them of sense of belonging to high society. The online version of baccarat was too primitive. The rules have not changed, but the intrigue was lost.

Baccarat with live dealers

When the online casino games with live dealers appeared, baccarat again became one of the first games offered to users. The idea is that it should become popular again. Real dealers distribute real cards in front of the players. Of course, the ability to communicate with other visitors to casinos is somewhat limited, but the inherent baccarat atmosphere started to revive.

Baccarat with live dealers lets you feel an aristocrat, and you don't have to get up from your favorite couch and put on the suit. Besides, you can not be scared to break the etiquette, because players remain anonymous. As a result, baccarat is once again becoming popular. Moreover, it played in the countries where it was never popular before.

Most online casinos with real dealers offer classical version of baccarat, mini- baccarat or Punto Banco. They usually take 5% commission from the winning bet. Sometimes an online casino version of the game may not be found in real casinos. For example, it may be a Premium Baccarat, Lucky Pair Baccarat, Zero Commission Baccarat and others.

Disadvantages of online baccarat with real croupiers

If the advantages of live baccarat are clear, its shortcomings are not so obvious and displayed already in the game. We will not focus on the speed of the Internet and its value for users, because in this respect the situation is improving almost every month. If the connection is lost, it is also not as critical in baccarat, like in blackjack. Here your bet no longer affects outcome of the game.

Main causes of discontent of players are the speed of playing online baccarat with live dealers. Gameplay is slow and it is not only annoying, but also tiring. Earlier we wrote how to speed up the process of playing online blackjack with real croupiers, and these tips are also useful for baccarat.

Today, baccarat with live dealers is offered in almost all leading online casinos. If you have not madea choice in favor of one of them, check the list of Top 10 casinos according to the version Casinoz. Do not worry, there you will find the casino that will meet your expectations.

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