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  • Original title: Casino Wars-Beating Vegas
  • country USA
  • Theme: casino vs sharpers
  • Movie quote: "It's a constant game of cat and mouse"

Have you ever encountered sharpers at casinos, poker clubs or slot halls? Most likely not, because they try not to attract attention, do not admit to their scams and certainly will not share the secrets of skill.

The documentary "Casino Wars - Beating Vegas" will shed light on the many mysteries associated with such activities.

Where was Casino Wars – Beating Vegas filmed?

The shooting took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, where dozens of large and world-famous casinos are concentrated.

What's the movie is about?

Casino Wars: Beating Vegas is a documentary about the ongoing war between gamblers and casino operators.

In the picture, real-life examples show how swindlers beat gambling establishments, what tools they use, what tactics and strategies they adopt in different gambling games.

What adaptation of scammers caused the greatest damage to the gambling industry? In what game of chance was there a place for disabled gamblers?

The answers to these and other questions are given by the movie "Casino Wars - Beating Vegas".

It also tells about the work of casino security officers and representatives of the secret services, which detect cheats and stop the activities of scammers in Las Vegas.

Who was shot?

The creators of Casino Wars: Beating Vegas attracted really interesting people from the opposing sides to the shooting.

Mister D, a sharpie

He wished to keep the name a secret. At first, he was engaged in playing cards and later engaged in hacking slot machines at Las Vegas casinos. He learned to skillfully use the so-called "light wand" , consisting of a battery, a piece of wire and a flashlight. The film shows how this simple device made video slots pay more than they should.

The difference between me and regular players is that I don't play. I'm cheating.
Slots attract me because I remain anonymous. I approach the machine, not the man.

At the time of filming Mr. D was under investigation for twenty-six counts of fraud.

Jason England, gambling consultant

He works with many Las Vegas gambling clubs. He talks about the "light stick" and other tricks of scammers.

The Light Wand has been one of the most successful devices in the history of slot machine hacking. It may have taken more money from the industry than any other device. While we don't know exactly how much money was stolen in the light wand era, estimates point to many hundreds of millions of dollars.

The aforementioned Mr. Dee claims that with the help of Light Wand, he stole more than a million from the casino.

The "light stick" was replaced by a device called Credit Blaster. Jason told me how it worked:

The Credit Blaster is an electronic device that simulates the signal produced by a bill validator installed on every single slot machine. It increases the amount of fake dollars on the slot, which can later be cashed out as if they are real.

You will see what the best examples of this device look like, and learn how scammers use them in practice.

Ted Whiting, head of video surveillance at Aria Las Vegas casino

Ted showed how the system of tracking the game rooms and talked about the difficulties that have to be faced in the course of work.

Naturally, we can't monitor 1,100 cameras at the same time. We choose, cameras that at a certain point are of particular interest... We also look for what seems out of place. For example, if a person walks too fast, it will be of interest.
We're okay with people winning. This casino. People should have fun. Someone wins. This is normal. But in this situation, I take up the case. I have to analyze everything and make sure that there was no fraud or advantive play here.

In Ted's company, the filmmakers were allowed into the Aria Casino surveillance room and even shown how cameras are installed in the hall.

Sal Piacente, of UniverSal Game Protection Development

His organization helps gambling operators to fight against fraudsters at casinos. He told me how crooks cheat in craps.

Juice Dice is a set of ordinary dice in which the points are drilled a little deeper, and an alloy of metals is implanted in them. With their help, you can win the maximum amount in the shortest possible time.

Piacente explains how the crooks at the craps tables operate. He talks about teams of cheaters and recalls a gang in which a disabled person was involved in a wheelchair equipped with a special device. Computer animation adds to his words.

Jim Hartley, casino security consultant

For many years, Jim struggles with scammers of all stripes, fishing in Las Vegas.

Some really good hustlers just attack. They just come in and get down to business. No preparation. They've been doing it for ten, fifteen, twenty years – it's their trade.

Josh Axelrod, professional blackjack player

Josh is known as a card counter who has successfully beaten casinos at blackjack tables. He has won hundreds of thousands of dollars over a long career. Subsequently, he became the author of books in which he shared his experience with novice players. In the film, he briefly explains why his path as a professional was successful.

I think casinos represent the dark side of the market economy. All the more pleasant to play the role of a person who changes the situation, putting them in the position of losers, which they are accustomed to assign to people.

Axelrod shows his photos in different images. He often had to change his image to hide from the security services, but often it did not help.

The film also starred other interesting characters. Listening to their memories will be interesting for all fans of gambling.


It's a really fascinating documentary. It is shot in a dynamic style, with live dialogues, without protracted episodes. It is also informative and entertaining.

We recommend it to all readers of Casinoz who are not indifferent to gambling.

Why watch the movie Casino Wars – Beating Vegas?

  • Interesting characters with fascinating stories are involved.
  • The tricks of sharps in different gambling games are revealed.
  • There is an opportunity to look behind the scenes of gambling.

Who can not watch the movie?

  • Security experts in gambling. There will be nothing new for them.
  • Gambling addicts. People struggling with gambling addiction, you should not expose themselves to temptation.

If you've watched the movie, write reviews about Casino Wars: Beating Vegas. Let's discuss it in the comments.

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