Monsters in the Closet Review

Are you afraid to glance into the closet at night? It is unlikely that you will be able to see something, except for pajamas, clothes and underwear. And now imagine that there is a huge shaggy monster! You would jump on the chandelier from fear! Nobody would like to see a huge monster in the closet, but this five-reel slot machine turns everything upside down. Here you will dream of monsters, because generous prizes will come together with them.

9.33 /10
Monsters in the Closet
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Where to Play Monsters in the Closet pokie?

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How to Play Monsters in the Closet pokie

The game Monsters in the Closet has five reels and fifty paylines. This high-quality slot machine has deserved attention of different players. Someone is attracted by graphics, someone likes a genre of horrors and others simply hope to win a good jackpot. Anyway, users can combine the opportunity to earn and pleasure. The free slot machine is chosen by those who don't know what is gambling. Users can download the slot machine for free or choose the slot machine without registration online. The real gamblers don't know fear of loss and always play for money. They just choose the bets, which they are able to afford. In particular, it is possible to stake from one cent to 100 dollars in this game. The bet can be varied by choosing the coin value, number of coins per line and opportunity to activate from one to 50 lines.

Monsters in the Closet Symbols, Wild, Scatter

This motley crew of monsters includes thirteen characters. The artist has made really tremendous, unique illustrations. You will see an eye, a key in the form of a skeleton, a Minotaur and a logo. In general, there are 18 unique icons in the game.

Let's try to describe monsters: a black cat, a two-headed pug that is presented on the icon both separately and embracing the black cat, a voodoo doll, a toothy bear in a striped shirt, a carnivorous plant, a semi-mouse semi-crocodile, an one-eyed bat, an one-eyed and one-legged head of a pig, a blood-thirsty violet slug, a multi-eyed blue monster, an anthropomorphous hedgehog fish and a purple monster in a hat with a flower. This gloomy company frightens, even when you silently looking at them. And Imagine what will be when they start moving and making sounds! The symbols are animated and they are moving when you win a prize.

The game with monsters and added sound effects is really amazing. And if monsters didn't return to life in the closet in your childhood, the slot machine Monsters in the Closet would take care of it.

The wild symbol in this game also differs in originality. It is not just the inscription WILD, but the big-eyed monster! The scatter symbol looks like a door knocker in the form of the head of a bull with red eyes. Are you ready to knock on the door with such a knocker? You will unlikely meet somebody friendly behind this door.

Monsters in the Closet Bonus games

The game has a bonus symbol. It is a key symbol with a skeleton. When such symbols appear on the reels, they trigger the bonus round called Monster Closet. The player is offered to open the doors of closets. If the gamer finds a monster, he or she will receive an instant prize, exceeding the player's bet by 75 times. But if the player sees a terrible prison or an atlas symbol, another bonus round is initiated. But we will not uncover all secrets of this game. Let it be a surprise. Such a multi-level bonus game will be pleasant to any player.

There is also a free spins round. They are triggered due to Minotaur scatter symbols. Three such symbols will give you free spins with the 3x multiplier. The round starts automatically, and combinations of symbols in it can even trigger the bonus game Monster Closet.


The jackpot of the slot machine Monsters in the Closet is 4 thousand dollars. The game has no progressive jackpot.

Monsters in the Closet Interface

This game has very beautiful, though a little frightening graphics. It should be noted that the graphics is high-quality with high resolution. Various symbols have become an advantage of this game. The game has eighteen symbols with different monsters. Symbols have been drawn with details.

Glance into the closet with monsters. You will see an unusual gloomy gang of terrible creatures. In such surroundings they seem even more terrified. After all, the closet is hardly illuminated! Two Cyclops with huge teeth are watching each your step. They so strongly stuck teeth into reels as though they were trying to hold them. The frame, which surrounds the slot machine, has been inlaid with teeth and claws. All these things are moving. So it is a really terrifying show.

The control panel of the game has the following buttons:

Lines shows the number of paylines;

Coins shows the number of involved coins;

Bet Max allows making the highest bet;

Spin allows spinning the reels; + - are used to adjust the coin value.

Lower buttons are vivid and colorful. They have a style of the general entourage of the slot machine.

Should You Play Monsters in the Closet Slot for Real Money in New Zealand?

The slot machine that is devoted to the monsters is quite fascinating. Despite the standard gameplay and prizes that are typical for other games, it distinguishes itself from the others by the topic and unusual graphics. If we only come across such horrors at night, the life would be much more attractive.
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