Most of us were playing in cops and robbers in our childhood. Some of you could even dream to become policemen in their future or rob a bank! In spite of these dreams didn't come true, we can live up our desires playing Cops And Robbers slot machine developed by Microgaming company. You can play as long as you wish.

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Where to Play Cops And Robbers pokie?

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You can play Cops And Robbers free online slot machine in Crazy Vegas casino. However, we recommend you to download this slot machine free without registration first and stake the real money after you have some practice in a training mode. You can play for fun right at our website.

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How to Play pokie

As it was already mentioned above, most of us were thinking how it is romantic and played such game in the childhood. Well, it’s time to show yourself and see how successful you are. Of course, not in the real life, but playing Cops And Robbers online slot machine developed by Microgaming. If you are lucky, you can waste the bank cell and bring a jackpot home. Don't let a plain interface of this slot machine to deceive you, because it has lots of advantages, which can’t be seen at the surface, but make this video slot extremely interesting.

Cops And Robbers is a slot machine, which contains two games in the same video slot. It includes a classic slot machine at the main screen and an integrated bonus round, which can bring you good payouts. You would have two aims in the standard game: whether you make a combination of the similar symbols at the central line, or collect three bonus symbols, which give you an access to the bonus game. If you find good balance between these two features, you get a great profit.

To pick three similar symbols at the active pay line or take part in the bonus round, Cops And Robbers slot machine provides you with a range of useful options. Now we would like to talk about Nudge and Hold, which you could already used in other games. Both options can be very useful in this video slot. They are activated randomly, that’w why you never know when the fortune smiles on you. However, we can make you sure, that it happens quite frequently.

Nudge is used for moving the reels. You can get up to four nudges at once, so you can use it to create a winning combination. Hold oppositely holds the reels. It is equal to have another chance to receive symbols you need. There is another function, which should be interesting for the players - Let’em Spin option, which can help you to from a winning combination and increase the state of your bankroll!

Hold and Nudge options are activated randomly to help you forming winning combinations.

When you receive Hold option of have a choice - whether to use this option or not. You can use it if it can really help you. If you are really sure that you need it, just use Hold and spin the rest reels. Those reels, which you are holding, wouldn't move, while it is possible to make it only for one spin. Probably, you can receive what you are missing in this game.

Nudges, oppositely lets you moving the reels forward. Herewith, you can use tips. You can look under the arrows on the reels and see which symbol comes next. Then, moving the reel, you can get a proper position in the game. Sometimes it is possible to receive four moves at once and it is a very good result. However, this method is not always efficient enough. Moreover, these features can be held to use it in the following spins.

Sometimes it happens that you have already used all Nudges, while the slot machine grants it again to you. Such option is also activated randomly. In case you like to risk, you can play it out. This kind of the bonus game is also provided in Cops And Robbers slot machine. If you want to stop, you can also collect your Nudges.

Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The gaming symbols, which you can see at the screen of Cops And Robbers video slot, are quite thematic. Exactly such pictures have to be in the game about robbers and cops. Here you would see wristbands, robbers and police helmets. Together with these symbols you can also see traditional icons, such as sevens and golden bars. An image of a rob is the most valuable symbol of this game. You can win up to 500 bets due to such symbols. The game has totally eight different levels and you can choose the one which suits you most of all.

Bonus games

We have already mentioned the integrated bonus round above. It is possible to take part in this round is you collect symbols with images of money bag in the right bottom corner. If you pick three such symbols at the screen (it is not necessary to be situated in a row for them), it triggers the bonus round of Cops And Robbers slot machine.

The bonus game is a bit similar to some table game. After you start spinning the reel, the robber moves forward, while a policeman follows him. There is something interesting in each of the cells and you decode whether continue playing or quit.

Moreover, there is another bonus game inside of the bonus round. The second bonus round always brings some winning to you. Some payouts can be quite profitable. We wouldn't describe it here not to spoil a surprise for you.


An amount of the jackpot of Cops And Robbers slot machine is 500 bets, that is not so much, while available options make this result quite possible, so it is worth of playing!


The interface of Cops And Robbers slot machine is designed in a humorous style and the whole game looks like a cartoon. Due to the funny faces of the characters, this slot machine looks very ridiculous, and it really is, and perfectly rises your mood up. Faces of robbers and policemen are looking at you from the screen, and it seems to be not a robbery at all, but just a childish game. Everybody are smiling relaxed, so there is a pure positive and no lectures in style of crime and punishment. Everything is blinking and shining like casinos of Las-Vegas.

At the background you can see a character in different situation, but always «in work». Here he appears in a trash bin, and here he looks out from under a lid, while in the following scene we can see how he breaks a window and runs away with cash.

Cops And Robbers is a very plain game, it doesn't even have an expert mode. Just stake a fixed bet and click at Spin button. The reels are spinning and please us with results.

Should You Play Slot for Real Money in New Zealand?

Cops And Robbers is an excellent game developed by Microgaming company. It is pleasant when the developers make something in unordinary way. However, you would need some time for first acquaintance with this slot machine. We recommend you to play it in a fun mode first before you start investing the real money in it.

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