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Blackjack Review

The portal Casinoz offers a review of the online American blackjack, released by an interesting and promising manufacturer called Play'N GO. The game has classic rules, user-friendly and realistic interface and nice graphics. Besides, it helps to reduce the house edge to less than one percent, if gamblers play using the optimal strategy.

9.25 /10
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1.00 USD
Min bet
100 USD
Max bet
Payout percent

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At the moment, the only disadvantage of Blackjack from Play'N GO is the fact that this game is presented in a few online casinos. But we can advise our readers to visit Unibet Casino Black, where they can play using not only real bets, but also training ones. Moreover, it is also allowed to test gambling games without registration directly on the site of the casino. Users can also practice playing blackjack directly on the portal Casinoz.
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How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack from Play'N GO is a variation of online blackjack with typical rules for American casinos. Six standard decks of cards without Jokers are used. Cards are shuffled after each hand.
The aim of the game is to beat the dealer. This can be done gaining higher score than the dealer without exceeding 21. Gamblers can also win if the dealer's hand exceeds 21.
Let's briefly discuss main features of blackjack from this manufacturer:
  • The dealer is dealt an initial two-card hand.
  • If the open card of a dealer is ace or king, he checks whether he has a blackjack or not.
  • The dealer stops if score reaches 17.
  • It is possible to make one split.
  • Only one card is dealt to splitted aces.
  • Ace and any ten on the box formed after split is considered as 21.
  • Doubling down is available for any two cards.
  • There is no doubling down after a split.
  • There is insurance for the blackjack in case of a dealer's open ace.
  • No surrender.
The ordinary winning box is paid 1:1, for blackjack it is 3:2, and it is 2:1 in case of insurance.
The bet ranging from one to a hundred credits is accepted for each of them.
Gamblers can reach the theoretical payout percentage of 99.42% playing blackjack from Play'N GO using the optimal strategy.

Blackjack Bonus games

There are no bonus payouts and extra bets.


The progressive jackpot is not drawn in the blackjack from Play'N GO.

Blackjack RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Blackjack Interface

We will help our readers to understand the buttons and other elements of the control panel.
  • Bet is to make a bet
  • Rebet helps to repeat the bet
  • Clear All allows removing all chips from the field
  • Deal allows dealing cards
  • Hit allows taking another card
  • Stand helps to stop taking cards
  • Double helps to double the bet
  • Split allows making a split
  • Settings helps opening settings window
  • Help allows opening a section with information
  • Exit allows exiting the game
  • Bet helps to choose the bet size
  • Win helps to know the payout sum
  • Balance provides information about the number of credits on the account
  • Table Limits is a table with limits and brief rules
Game settings allow turning off background sounds, voice of the dealer, activating the fast hand and making other changes to the process.

Mobile Compatibility


Blackjack from Play'N GO can be called a very high-quality American model of online blackjack, which is perfect for both beginners and experienced players. It has fairly favorable rules, allowing customers to play under comfortable conditions. It can boast excellent functionality and various user settings.
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Main info
Type of game Blackjack
Manufacturer Play’n GO
Theme Blackjack
Min bet 1.00 USD
Max bet 100 USD
RTP 97%
Is free test available Yes
Mobile version Yes
Issue date August 20, 2016
Game type 🌐
Hands number 3
Side bets No
Additional functions 🌐