American Blackjack Turbo
American Blackjack Turbo Review

Blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games in the world, that’s why there are several kinds of blackjack in most of online casinos, if only it is not specialized on the models of some special kinds. In the following review we would like to talk about a model named American Blackjack Turbo, which was released by SkillonNet Company. It is a high quality game with a pleasant design, a multi-language interface, beneficial rules and a convenient control panel. 

9 /10

How to Play American Blackjack Turbo

American Blackjack Turbo is a kind of American blackjack, intended for playing in the online casino. The general rules of blackjack are described in the special article at Casinoz, so we wouldn’t stop on it here.

Eight standard decks of fifty two cards without jokers are used in American Blackjack Turbo. All the cards are necessarily mixed before the start of each deal.

Playing American Blackjack Turbo is possible in range from one to five boxes. The range of accepted bets per one box depends on the kind of table, which you select: standard – 1-300 euro, high-rollers – 5-500 euro, VIP – 10-1500 euro. The bets per spin can vary.

The aim of the game in American Blackjack Turbo is to win the dealer, collecting more points than he has, up to twenty one. It is also possible to win on croupier’s bust and receive the payoff in some other ways.

Well, now let’s shortly describe the main points of American Blackjack Turbo game:

-       Dealer deals two cards to himself and opens one of them.

-       Croupier checks if he has blackjack in case the open card is ace or ten.

-       In case the dealer has blackjack, the deal is stopped.

-       Croupier has to take a card at sixteen and stop at any seventeen.

-       It is possible to take any quantity of cards per box (up to twenty one point).

-       The cards of the same value can be cut.

-       Split is allowed up to four hands in the same box.

-       Ace can be cut only once and it is dealt with another one card.

-       Ace and ten at the box, made after the split, are not considered to be a blackjack.

-       Double can be made with any cards (except of blackjack).

-       Only one card is dealt in case of double.

-       An insurance against dealer’s blackjack is provided in case he has opened an ace.

-       Surrender is not provided by the rules of American Blackjack Turbo.

The standard winning box is paid by 1:1, blackjack by 3:2, and insurance by 2:1 index.

Playing American Blackjack Turbo by the optimal strategy, it is possible to get the theoretical payback index level of 99,63%.

American Blackjack Turbo Bonus games

The bonus payouts are not provided by the rules of American Blackjack Turbo.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in American Blackjack Turbo online blackjack game.

American Blackjack Turbo Interface

American Blackjack Turbo online game is provided with multi-language interface, including an informational section, settings windows and etc. It is going to let you play comfortable, although some readers of Casinoz, who are well familiar with blackjack rules, would definitely prefer English version of this game.

Different buttons appear at the control panel depending on the current gaming situation. Here it is possible to repeat the bet, double it, clean the field of the chips and etc.

The values of chips can vary in range from one to one hundred. It is possible to control the background music and make some other corrections to the gameplay due to the user’s settings.

You can download American Blackjack Turbo online blackjack or launch it right at the website of the online casino.


American Blackjack Turbo online game has really beneficial rules, although, surely, you can avoid casino math advantage at all. The game is available in several European languages, while the control panel has numerous buttons, which make controlling the gameplay easier. The graphics of American Blackjack Turbo is also pleasant and comfortable eyes.

Please look for recommendations by playing blackjack in the special department of Casinoz. There is also an article, explaining the differences between American and European blackjack at our website. These materials would help you to study out all the nuances of the game.

Play American Blackjack Turbo in NZ Casino for Real Money

You can play American Blackjack Turbo online blackjack for the real money and in a fun mode in the online casino named EU Casino. However, you would have to open an account there, because it is not allowed to test the gambling games without registration even in a training mode.

We would be grateful to you for the responses about American Blackjack Turbo online blackjack. You can share your opinion about this game in comments.

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