Blackjack Lucky Ladies
Blackjack Lucky Ladies Review

Unusual kinds of blackjack are presented by many companies specializing on development of online games in field of online gambling. We would like to talk about one of such original models in the following review by Casinoz.

We mean «Blackjack Lucky Ladies» game, which was presented by the specialists of Felt Gaming company. It is a version of blackjack with bonus payouts by some special combinations. If you are not a desperate fan of traditional rules in gambling games, you should like this novelty.

8.60 /10
Blackjack Lucky Ladies

Play Blackjack Lucky Ladies in NZ Casino for Real Money

You can look for this model in the online casinos powered by Felt Gaming software. Our reviewers were testing this blackjack at the website of Unibet Casino in a training mode.
We are looking forward for your responses about this game. Please share your opinions in comments and rate this model.

How to Play Blackjack Lucky Ladies

«Blackjack Lucky Ladies» uses a standard deck of fifty two cards. A virtual dealer shuffles all cards before each deals. There are no jokers.
The aim of the game is to win the croupier getting more points on a box than he does. Herewith, you should never exceed twenty one. In case of excess on the dealer’s hand, the gambler also gets a payoff.
It is possible to play on one, two or three boxes. Bets per each of the boxes can be different in range from one to one hundred credits. Except of the main bets, the game accepts side bets, which you can read about in the proper paragraph of the article.
The value of cards in «Blackjack Lucky Ladies» is the same as in any other blackjack: from deuce to ten are paid by denomination, faces - by ten points, ace - one or eleven (depending on situation).
It is American type of the game where the dealer deals two cards to himself first. One of them is revealed. If it is a ten or an ace, he checks the second card for blackjack. In case of blackjack on the dealer’s hand, the player doesn't hit.
The special features of «Blackjack Lucky Ladies» are described below:
  • The dealer hits to sixteen and stands on any seventeen.
  • Double is allowed on nine, ten or eleven (after split as well).
  • Split is possible only once on each box.
  • Each of split aces are dealt with one card.
  • A ten and an ace on the box formed in result of split is not a blackjack.
  • An insurance of blackjack is available.
  • No surrender.
Payoffs are standard: 1:1 by the regular box, 3:2 by blackjack and 2:1 by insurance.

Blackjack Lucky Ladies Bonus games

«Blackjack Lucky Ladies» provides an opportunity to place a side bet on each of the active boxes. It can be placed after the main bet only, but it draws independently of it. Payoffs are charged when two first cards have twenty point or one or two queens. Wins are calculated by the following indexes:
  • Any queen – 1:1.
  • Twenty points – 3:1.
  • Twenty of same suit cards – 10:1.
  • Twenty of same value cards – 30:1.
  • A pair of queens – 100:1.
We would like to remind that this win is provided to the customer even if he loses by the main bet.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Blackjack Lucky Ladies» game.

Blackjack Lucky Ladies RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Blackjack Lucky Ladies Interface

Our tips would help you to understand functions of numerous elements of the control panel:
  • Deal – deal the cards.
  • Hit – take one more card.
  • Stand – stop hitting.
  • Split – split the cards.
  • Double – double up the bet.
  • Insurance – place an insurance of blackjack.
  • New Game – start a new game.
  • Rebet – repeat the bet.
  • Rebet x2 – double up the previous bet.
  • Undo – cancel last action.
There are images of coins of various values in the bottom part of the screen. You can use them to set up an amount of the bet. Side bets are situated above the circle where you would place the main bet.
Payoff indexes by bonus payouts are displayed right at the table markup. The informational panel can be found in the top line.
The double arrow at the left opens the panel with manual by the game, the informational section, the pay table and settings.
You won’t download «Blackjack Lucky Ladies» game, because it is available in a flash mode at the website of an online casino.

Mobile Compatibility


«Blackjack Lucky Ladies» is definitely an original model, which is worth attention of all those who appreciate uncommon versions of blackjack. It is interesting, very spectacular and has the convenient interface.
Find a strategy by the main bet is easy, because standard rules work here. However we would provide recommendations by the side bets later. Please remember that side bets are not profitable for the customers in most of the cases.
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