Have you ever played gambling games where you have to monitor a plane's takeoff and simultaneously track the potential payout, aiming to seize the maximum winnings at the right moment? Several such games from different software providers are widespread in online casinos. Perhaps the most popular is Aviator by Spribe, but this article will focus on a product from another studio.

The review explores the Aero game by Turbo Games, which is based on the same principle. It has also earned a good reputation in the gambling industry and is available on many gambling websites.

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You can play the demo version of Aero for free on Casinoz. You can open the free game without registration in a window or full-screen mode. Almost all online casinos featuring Aero also allow testing it for fun.

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How to Play Aero (Turbo Games)

This is a straightforward yet captivating gambling game by Turbo Games.

The objective in Aero is to withdraw the payout at the right time, striving to achieve the largest possible win.

In each round, you can place one or two bets. These bets are independent of each other and can vary, ranging from ten cents to one hundred euros.

Bets are accepted in short intervals between rounds while the plane is on the runway. As soon as it takes off, the multiplier for payout calculation starts to grow, ranging from x1.01 to x999,999.

You can withdraw your winnings at any moment. If you fail to do so before the airplane leaves the screen, you will lose your bet and, consequently, the payout.

There is no double-up game, and any additional gameplay options are absent.

The graphics and animation are pretty simple, yet it is better than in most games of this type.

Symbols, Wild, Scatter

In this game, there are no symbols – neither standard nor special. The only element present is an airplane flying across the main screen.

Bonus games

There are no prize functions, bonus games, or additional multipliers.

Free spins

Free rounds are not available to players.


It's not possible to compete for a progressive jackpot in this gambling game. However, the maximum possible payout is calculated with an enormous multiplier of x999,999. Isn't that a jackpot?

RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Briefly about the technical characteristics of the game:

  • RTP: 96%,
  • Volatility: depends on your gameplay strategy.

The theoretical return to the player is approximately similar to most online slot machines. If you prefer games with a higher payback, you should opt for blackjack, video poker, craps, baccarat, or roulette. Nevertheless, in some slot machines, the RTP is also quite impressive.

The faster you aim to withdraw payouts in each round, the lower the overall volatility. If you intend to compete for considerable winnings, be prepared for significant deviations from the expected result.

Strategy: How to Win

It's important to understand that no betting system or strategy will allow you to win in Aero every time. No such method increases RTP. If you prefer a more relaxed and less risky style, withdraw payouts more often. If you want to compete for large payouts, take risks: don't rush to claim winnings.


The main part of the game screen features an image of the airplane, which takes off at the beginning of each round and flies until it disappears from view. You should keep an eye on it during the active gameplay.

On the left is an interactive table with information about the actions of other gamblers: their bets, coefficients, and payout amounts.

At the bottom, there is a control panel with various elements:

  • bet selection windows,
  • buttons for starting the round and cashing out,
  • autoplay buttons.

In the top right corner, you'll find useful elements:

  • full-screen mode,
  • settings and rules,
  • mute button.

Downloading the game is unnecessary; it opens in the browser.

Mobile Compatibility

The mobile Aero game has almost the same interface as the PC version but is more user-friendly for smartphone screens. It supports all modern devices, including those on Android and iPhones.

Playing on mobile follows the same rules, with the same control buttons on the user interface. It includes settings, autoplay, and rules functionality.

Should You Play for Real Money in New Zealand?

It's a specific gambling game for online casinos. Currently, this genre is indeed popular in the industry. If you enjoy this type of game, this title won't disappoint you.

Feel free to give ratings, write honest reviews, and boast about significant payouts.

Frequently asked Questions

🛫 What is the Aero game for online casinos?

Aero is a gambling game from Turbo Games, where your goal is to withdraw payouts at the right time, aiming to get the maximum possible win.

🧾 What are the rules of the Aero game by Turbo Games?

In each round, you can place one or two bets ranging from ten cents to one hundred euros. Bets are accepted in short intervals between rounds while the plane is on the runway. The payout multiplier increases after takeoff and can range from x1.01 to x999,999. You can withdraw your winnings at any time, but if you fail to do so before the plane disappears, you'll lose your bet and the payout.

❓ Are there any symbols or bonuses in the Aero game?

No, the game lacks both standard and special symbols. The only element is an airplane flying across the main screen. Bonus games, free spins, and jackpots are also absent.

📄 What are the technical characteristics of the Aero game?

The RTP (theoretical return to player) is 96%. Volatility depends on your strategy. The frequency of payouts and the maximum multiplier of x999,999 make the game exciting.

🤑 Are there strategies for winning in Aero?

There are no guaranteed strategies for winning every round. It's important to understand that no betting system will increase RTP. You can choose between frequent small wins by withdrawing payouts more often or taking risks and not rushing to claim winnings.

  • A huge max payout multiplier
  • Simple rules
  • Monotonous gameplay
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Main info
Type of game Instant Win
Manufacturer Turbo Games
Theme Airplanes
Min bet 0.10 USD
Max bet 100 USD
RTP 96%
Max payout 999999 : 1
Is free test available Yes
Mobile version Yes
Issue date August 2023