Friends in suits win at the casino

Before discussing this topic, we want to warn readers that the article is not a call for action. Moreover, some statements can frustrate customers who consistently hope to win at casinos. However, we share our experience with readers and must warn them about the difficulties they will inevitably face when gambling.

Also, let's explain what we mean by "beating the casino." If a client happens to hit the jackpot or win a large sum once, it does not mean he beat the casino. One can say that only if he won more than he lost in the long run (at least during several dozen evenings, even though it is not enough for accurate statistics).

We discuss a strategy that allows, if not to make a living by gambling, but at least achieve a steady positive result. Only in this case can you say that you know how to beat the casino.

Land-Based Casinos or Gambling Websites?

The next question arises, "Which casino is easier to beat, if possible?" We know that there are many advantages to gamblers successfully playing in land-based casinos. Of course, we mean blackjack card counters for the most part.

In previous articles on Casinoz, we explained why counting cards is pointless in online games based on a random number generator. It makes no sense to discuss this question again. In short, the main obstacle to counting cards in online casinos is that each hand is played with the whole shoe.

In addition, land-based casinos have all sorts of protections against players who mark cards, substitute bets, steal chips, and so on. This is the most reliable and, simultaneously, the most dangerous way to make money in a casino. We strongly caution our readers against it.

Experienced players may get additional advantages by using dealers' mistakes, uncoordinated actions of the managers, poor equipment, and other imperfections. In online casinos, such opportunities are rare, so relying on them is unreasonable.

On the other hand, the benefits of online casinos include lower house edges in many games. Yet, even if they are lower, getting rid of them entirely is impossible. The exceptions are infrequent.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Rewards

A few years ago, cunning online casino customers could get generous bonuses. The practice is known as bonus-hunting, but now it gradually fades away. The reason is the strict policy of the leading casinos in this aspect.

All bonuses are available to many users, but you must stick to harsh rules. It has reached the point that most of these casino offers have become unprofitable for customers. As a result, many players refuse them.

Making a profit from lotteries, races, and other similar events is not easy. Usually, you need to bet a significant amount to get at least a slight chance of becoming one of the winners.

Also, do not forget that most payouts are made in bonuses, and you must clear them before withdrawing money from the casino.

Bonuses are an illusory way to beat the casino (at least, in a fair way).

Yet, we do not deny that some websites still present attractive offers.

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Casino Tournaments

Tournaments have recently become more prevalent in online casinos. Many players prefer clubs holding numerous games. 

They are undoubtedly fascinating, but we must look at the situation realistically. Solid prizes are raffled in the tournaments with buy-ins and many participants. Rebuys increasing the chances of winning are almost always allowed in free rolls, so starting with the chips only, it is nearly impossible to break into the final.

Besides blackjack, video poker, and roulette, personal skills do not matter. If you participate in slot tournaments, it's all about luck. We do not consider sports poker because it is not a game of chance.

It turns out that by constantly participating in tournaments held in online casinos, you will unlikely succeed. But even if you do, you can not say that you have beaten the casino because you got the money of others.

Best Gambling Games

If you run through the games available in online casinos, you will conclude that almost all of them are not good enough to make a living.

As mentioned above, we do not talk about Hold'em, Omaha, and other club poker games because you play against other customers and not against the casino. So it's a different category and a topic for discussion.

We have also mentioned the disadvantages of playing blackjack at online casinos. Even if you follow the basic strategy and do not make mistakes, you will not get rid of the house edge. Card counting also does not work here. In blackjack with live dealers, you also won't be able to effectively use this technique due to reasons explained in other articles on Casinoz.

Roulette in a land-based casino can be beaten only by dishonest tricks. We do not even speak about the online version. Of course, you can try to use some betting systems, but it is more for fun. At best, it will help you to control your bankroll.

Baccarat, poker, and craps are games where you need to follow a particular strategy, but the casino still has at least a tiny house edge over you.

We will not even talk about slots, as a lot is already said about them. The right choice, the maximum bet, and the hope for good luck are all you can do when playing slots.

As for video poker, using a basic strategy can reduce the casino's advantage. You can even get an edge over the house in some rare games. But most clubs have severe restrictions for video poker players. 

Also, do not forget that video poker can have significant volatility. This is especially true for games with high payouts for max combinations and progressive jackpots. You need an impressive bankroll to wait out lousy luck streaks and nerves of steel that will keep you from the temptation to deviate from the optimal strategy.

Loyalty Programs

Many large casinos offer their customers good loyalty programs. Players accumulate points they can exchange for real money, get additional benefits in the form of exclusive bonuses, participate in prize draws, and so on. Of course, it must also be checked in every club.

Some advantage players claim they can beat casinos using all offers from the loyalty programs. You can use their experience. 

Other Options

You can also get bonuses for deposits made by recommended methods, claim free spins, participate in various events, and do other little things that can help you win in the long run.

Needless to say that you must strictly follow the general tips for all gamblers, such as:

  • abstinence from alcohol in casinos,
  • strict planning of gambling sessions,
  • proper bankroll management, etc.

These tips do help beat casinos.


As you can see, there are no universal recommendations for beating the casino. If you can visit various large land-based casinos, we recommend you seriously consider blackjack. It is hard work, but many professionals succeed in this field.

Customers of online casinos should stick to the following program:

  • choose games with the lowest house edge,
  • follow the optimal strategy,
  • use all offers: bonuses, tournaments, loyalty programs, lotteries, etc.

In short, you need a systematic approach.

Of course, this does not guarantee regular winnings, but it significantly reduces the probability of huge losses. 

And finally, let's recall the famous saying, "If you want to win at the casino, buy the casino."

You should know that it is now always true. Casinos often go bankrupt. 

If you do not agree with something, wish to add something, or have questions, we will be glad to read your comments.

Frequently asked Questions

🤑 What does the phrase "to beat the casino" means?

In gambling, "to beat the casino" means to get a mathematical advantage over the club. Professional players combine several methods, such as playing the most suitable games by the optimal strategy, bonus hunting, using promotions, participating in loyalty programs, etc. If you once or even several times won at a casino, it does not mean you beat it. 

😏 Can I earn my living with gambling?

It is pretty challenging now, but some players claim they can beat the casino and make their living with gambling. 

🍀 Do online casinos suit for advantage gambling?

Most internet casinos are not suitable for advantage gambling, but some players claim they find websites where they can earn their living. Primarily, they practice bonus hunting. 

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