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Gambling plays an essential role in modern life. People use it differently. Some regularly play in casinos; others are trying to hit the jackpot at the bookmaker. But all these people are similar, as many only lose large amounts of money in the casinos, and only a few manage to earn something.

But every rule has an exception.

Who Was the Character of the Story?

The following discussion focuses on a person who could be the wealthiest man in the world, but he's a little overdone.

We are talking about a man named Clerk. He made a bet on the bookmaker. But the bookmaker made a mistake and gave him two tickets instead of one.

He made a 1 pound bet on 25 gaming events.

The odds were 1:10, and the win increased with each played stage. Clerk, without further ado, filled in the blanks with the bets after completing sports competitions.

Did He Get Paid?

After that, he came to the bookmaker and demanded winnings. Back then, he could not even imagine what an immense amount it was. These events occurred in 1993, and no nearest computer could immediately calculate the winnings.

The final results were in London the day after.

It was 2327 billion pounds.

It is as much as the cash resource of the entire Britain.

Bookmakers were confused. They had no idea how to pay it out. But their fear faded after they hadn't found the second blank. Moreover, Clerk did not take into account the fact that all tickets were photographed.

End of Story

Instead of becoming the richest man, Clerk was arrested.

For a long time, they could not put the appropriate charges, as such situations have never happened in the world before.

They wanted to accuse him of fraud, but it did not look like it suited to charge him. As a result, he was accused of forging documents. The fate of his charges was a mystery to everyone. Clerk was suspended for a year.

At the end of this story, the Clerk possessed only three things:

  1. A notebook gifted by the bookmaker owner.
  2. An opportunity to make a 1 pound bet.
  3. And, of course, his name will forever remain in history.

Which conclusion can you make of this funny story?

Don't try to cheat on bookmakers, especially in such a primitive way!

Frequently asked Questions

💸 How often do the bookmaker clients cheat?

Lots of sporting bets fans love easy money and try to fool the bookmakers.

🔥 Did the character of the story have a real chance to withdraw the win?

Not the slightest. The fraud would be revealed anyway.

❓ Is it possible to cheat on the bookmaker?

Sometimes it's possible, but at Casinoz, we don't recommend getting involved in such a business.

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