Best Video Poker Tournaments For New Zealand Gamblers 2021 (December)

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    Videopoker Tournament at Casino X
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Casino video poker tournaments

New Zealand casinos hold tournaments between the customers on different games. Pokie tournaments are in the highest demand in online gaming. However, blackjack, poker, and roulette are also pretty popular among New Zealand gamblers.

Video poker tournaments are less common, but they are trendy among those New Zealand players who love this game. Check out the reviews of such events on the pages of Casinoz.

Features of video poker

Since you are reading this, you should be familiar with the rules of the video poker game. If not, study them in the articles at Casinoz New Zealand. You also need to master the basic strategies for different games. This is required for successful participation in the tournaments.

The key features of video poker:

  • The client plays against the casino but does not contact with the dealer.
  • All combinations are guaranteed to be paid.
  • Sets of poker combinations may vary in particular games.
  • Each game requires a special approach and strategy.

And the most important:

Video poker is one of the most profitable casino games for the user.

Examine the data on the return to the player to make sure of that.

What is meant by video poker tournaments?

When a casino customer plays video poker, he is playing against the house. Each game has a certain percentage of RTP. The player's goal is to achieve maximum return and to make as many as possible poker combinations to get paid.

Types of video poker casino tournaments

During the tournament, he has other opponents in the face of other New Zealand and international players. The prize pool is raffled among all the players. It can be distributed under different conditions that need to be specified in each case.

Types of video poker tournaments in New Zealand

There is no unified classification for such events. Gambling operators are free to arrange them according to the rules they came up on their own or borrowed from competitors.

New Zealand video poker tournaments can be divided into groups by the following criteria:

  • Entry fee – paid or free;
  • Access – for all customers or selected club members;
  • Duration – the period of time;
  • Games – on a particular game or all video pokers;
  • Picking the winner – by the total amount of payouts, by the maximum payout, other;
  • Stages – one or more rounds;
  • Prize Fund – money, comp points or valuable prizes;
  • Distribution of prize fund – how many players may win a part of the prize fund;
  • Additional purchases - is it possible to purchase extra credits along the way.

Be aware of other nuances and opportunities.

Video poker tournament strategy

A single strategy for all tournaments doesn't exist as they held on different games by different rules. Here are some recommendations for New Zealand players:

  1. Find out which video poker you are going to play and choose the best strategy.
  2. If more than one game is involved, choose a video poker with the maximum return to the player.
  3. Make sure you are satisfied with all the T&C: entry fee, prize distribution, and so on.
  4. Before the tournament, check out how many opponents you will have, and correlate the chances of winning with the amount of prize money.
  5. Don't force things from the beginning. The most impatient lose first.
  6. Follow the current results of your opponents and change your style on the go.

Finally, we note that the so-called free video poker tournaments are most often carried out on the client's money. That means you have to risk your money, but the best you'll be able to win is loyalty points. Real money is a rare prize in such events.

Video poker casino tournament best strategy

We give detailed recommendations on tactics and strategy for video poker tournaments at Casinoz New Zealand.

Casinos with video poker tournaments

At the moment, only a few online casinos in New Zealand offer video poker tournaments. Most of them prefer pokie, roulette, or blackjack tournaments.

The most exciting promotions are described on this page. Also, follow the news feed and read the announcements of operators on our forum.

Video poker tournament reviews at Casinoz New Zealand

We offer the following structure for all our tournament reviews:

  • Introduction – general information;
  • Schedule – date and time;
  • Tournament games – involved video pokers;
  • How to participate – how to register;
  • Rules of conduct – general terms and conditions,
  • The prize fund – size and units;
  • Payouts – the way of the distribution of the prize;
  • Other tournaments – other tournaments held in the casino;
  • Conclusion - conclusions;
  • Pros and cons – the advantages and disadvantages of the event.

You are welcome to write a review of the tournament, boast with your results, and share your experience with other New Zealand readers below the article.


If you like video poker, you will be interested in taking part in the tournaments.

But don't forget to study the rules and clarify the details. Sometimes it is more profitable just to play the best video poker than to fight for prizes with other customers.

We also advise novice users to take their time and to examine the basic strategy of the game thoroughly. Without this, it will be difficult to compete with experienced New Zealand players.