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Of course, video poker can be considered as one of the most difficult gambling games, if you want to achieve the best possible results. To learn how to play it with the greatest benefits, you have to figure out how to choose its best variant, and to learn the optimal strategy, developed specifically for this version. But all these efforts will be rewarded with impressive results, and if you are persistent, you will be able to reduce mathematical advantage of the casino to zero in some versions of video poker or even achieve advantage over the establishment.

But firstly you need to understand the basics of the game, master them from the first attempts, get rid of the major mistakes common almost for all beginners. We have discussed them in detail to make this information clear for all readers of the portal Casinoz, including those who have just started to get acquainted with video poker. But firstly study the general rules that are explained in a separate article of the relevant section of the site.

So, common mistakes of beginners in poker.

Selection of games

Online casinos can simultaneously offer several dozen versions of this game. As an example we can consider the largest sites running on the platform Microgaming. It is a difficult task even for an inexperienced player to choose the most favorable model among such a wide range. Many players prefer video poker with colorful graphics, a lot of jokers and a progressive jackpot.

But if you want to play as efficiently as possible, you need to learn the table of payouts, because differences between the variations of the game are hidden primarily in it.

Compare, for example, several models of video poker Jacks or Better from different developers. You will find that payouts for the same combinations can vary significantly. Taking into consideration that the rest of the gameplay consists of the same nuances, make your own conclusions.

It is nice, if you have an opportunity to compare the level of theoretical return of different games. The higher is this index, the more preferable is the video poker. We always try to provide these data in the reviews on the portal Casinoz, if we manage to find them. You will also find a lot of useful information about selection of the best models in this section with articles about video poker.

Unwillingness to learn the basic strategy

Everything should be clear about this issue without explanation. In video poker, the final results depend more on the player's skills than on luck. Therefore, you should forget about playing using intuition, open recommendations on strategy, train and learn how to win the casino. There is no other way. You can make a convenient table of clues and enjoy it playing online.

Application of basic strategy to all games

Don't forget that the strategy of the game can not be exactly the same for all varieties of video poker, although the basic recommendations in many versions are the same. But if you try to play Jacks or Better Strategy using a strategy developed for Deuces Wild, do not expect good results.

Game not on the highest bet

Many video pokers offer too high payouts for the highest combination (usually only for the Royal Flush) while playing on the largest bet. This implies the maximum bet in coins. Their value is not important, because the payouts are made using the same coins.

The level of theoretical return of the game indicated by the developer has also been designed taking into account these potential gains. If you bet from one to four coins, you will lose the chance to get such a huge payout (or even progressive jackpot) and deliberately decrease the average rate of return.


At the end of the article we will outline in a few words a plan for the study of video poker. You need to find the most profitable model with the maximum theoretical return. Then you have to choose the optimal strategy. Next, you should learn all recommendations, because playing with a cheat sheet is not interesting and slowly. Do not rush to start playing using real bets, because at the initial stage it is very easy to make mistakes.

Read our articles about video poker. They will help you to increase your playing skills.

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