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Casino War is owned by SHFL Entertainment. It is one of the simplest card games that can be found at casinos. Recommendations concerning the strategy for it are not complicated, but some aspects should be taken into account if you want to play with the highest efficiency. The article from experts of Casinoz will help you.


Let's discuss the rules for Casino War in a few words. Six standard decks without jokers are used in its traditional version. Card ranks increase from deuces to aces. Suits are irrelevant.

It is possible to make two kinds of bets: an ante serves as a basic bet, and a tie bet.

During the gameplay, both the customer and the dealer receive one card. These cards are compared. If the player's card has a higher rank, his ante is paid 1:1. If the dealer wins, the bet goes to the casino. Therefore, a tie bet wins if their ranks are equal. It is paid 10:1.

If the cards are equal, the player has to decide what to do with his ante. He may surrender that will cost him half the bet. If he wants to continue (go to war), it is necessary to make a side bet equal to one ante. Then the croupier will deal one card to the player and himself.

Then they are also compared. If the player's card is equal or higher than the dealer's card, the customer will take back the ante and the side bet is paid 1:1. If the dealer wins, the user will lose both bets.

Chance of Winning

Both participants have equal chances to get a higher card in the standard six-deck game with the rules described above. This parameter is equal to 46.3% for each of the parties. In other cases, the client's and the dealer's cards are equal. Depending on the user's secessions, the theoretical payout percentage may vary. We want to emphasize that users cannot get rid of the house edge.

The number of decks used in the game may affect this index. The higher the number of decks is, the larger is the house edge. The house advantage reaches 2.88% in the standard sex-deck version. If there is only one deck, the house edge reduces to 2.42%.

High payouts and other kinds of bonuses available at some casinos also may help to reduce the house advantage. If you find such models, take the time to tell other readers of the portal en.Casinoz about them.


Recommendations on the strategy for Casino War are very simple. In fact, there are only two of them.

  1. Firstly, never make a tie bet. This is one of the worst decisions that the customer can take. The house advantage in this case exceeds 18% in the standard rules.
  2. Secondly, always go to war. Never surrender in case of the tie. If you agree to surrender, the house edge rises to 3.7% in games played with six decks.

Therefore, fans of Casino War should first try to find a model with bonus rules, never make a tie bet, and always go to war if the cards are equal. This tactic will help users to achieve the best results.

We would like to know your opinion about Casino War as a whole and our advices in particular. Share your opinion about this game in the comments.

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