SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited, the local New Zealand casino operator, has confirmed that its gambling houses have lifted all coronavirus restrictions, including social distancing guidelines.

The move was made after the government of New Zealand lowered its coronavirus alert warning to Level One, which basically addressed all of the country's previous pandemic-associated restrictions except foreign travel.

About the shutdown

SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited operates casinos in the communities of Auckland, Hamilton, and Queenstown in New Zealand and had to temporarily close three of their venues starting March 23 according to the government campaign, supposed to help stop the spread of coronavirus that has previously killed 22 citizens.

Restricted re-opening

26 days ago, the restrictions were lifted, allowing the operator to partially re-open the venues under a new «health management framework» designed to split the gaming floors into special zones, allowing up to 100 guests simultaneously. The adjustments SkyCity Entertainment Group casinos have made included increasing distance between the slots, limiting the number of players at gaming tables, and ban on «back betting».

Back to normal

Graeme Stephens, CEO of SkyCity, has declared that now all the social distancing and other pandemic-related restrictions have been removed. The casinos are about to return to normal hours and plan on resume all regular events and promotions.

Graeme Stephens:

“We are extremely excited to be welcoming customers back to our precincts. It will be fantastic to be busy again and able to have the public enjoy the many different facets of our properties. We remain committed to maintaining robust health and safety standards to manage the risks associated with coronavirus and will be encouraging customers to maintain contact tracing via the government’s NZ Covid Tracer app.”

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