The Lord of the Rings
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The Lord of the Rings Review

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien who created a literary fantasy trilogy about the Ring-bearers was against not only the film adaptation, but even illustrations of his work. He believed that between the reader and the narrative should not be someone else's vision like the work of the artist or director. Still, to the books of the outstanding master plenty of illustrations were created, some were very successful, others not, and Peter Jackson's cinema can be called a classic and masterpiece. Not to loose the design of the film was taken, so we can say that this video slot is not about the story of Tolkien but its cinematic interpretation.

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The Lord of the Rings
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Slot "Lord of the Rings" is offered to customers several casinos working on the software Microgaming, for example, in Crazy Vegas.
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How to Play The Lord of the Rings pokie

The Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring - is a five-reel progressive video slot with 243 paylines, manufactured by Microgaming. This free slot game was released under a license agreement with Warner Brothers. If you are playing a slot machine without registration, then you are using the test mode of the game. For a sample, you can also download a free slot machine, but then you won't get real prizes, like the maximum jackpot, which is $80.0 in this game.

The game uses a "wild" symbol, scatter symbol, multiplier, there are free spins and a bonus round. Wild symbol in the game has become the logo of the Rings. Wild symbol can substitute for other symbols in the game. An exception would be the scatter symbol which is represented in the form of a ring symbol in the game.

Eye of Sauron became a symbol in the bonus game. This character falls very often, so you have to expect a lot of pleasant surprises. As you can see, the jackpot in the game is not high, but you can get prizes in the bonus games and options.

The Lord of the Rings Symbols, Wild, Scatter

It is not surprising that the main characters on the slot machine symbols become characters of the movie. This cutting of the concrete plans of the film, where actors are present. Frodo Baggins played by Elijah Wood, Aragorn - Viggo Mortinsen, elf Legolas - Orlando Bloom, Gimli the dwarf - John Reeves Davis, elves Galadriel and Arvin (Liv Tyler and Cate Blanchett) and Bishop Erlond, Saruman, Bilbo Baggins and other Hobbits. On extra symbols - signs of a deck of playing cards, "10", "J", "Q", "K" and "A", decorated in the style of epic fantasy.

The Lord of the Rings Bonus games

The game has a bonus option, but there is no bonus game in the classic sense of it, when the bonus game opens in a new window with a completely different interface.


The amplitude of the rate in the game "The Lord of the Rings" range from $0.3 to $6. The size of the jackpot is $80.0.

The Lord of the Rings RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

The Lord of the Rings Interface

Ease of use does not cause the slightest criticism. The interface is replete with all sorts of images, symbols and even videos from the movie, but that does not make a game difficult to understand. Terms and pay table are presented as simply as possible.
The game boasts a very impressive package of videos, but it does not have the slightest negative impact on its functionality. The machine works absolutely smoothly, without delays and freezes. Game speed can be increased by selecting the Quick Spin. Also Expert Mode and Auto Play modes are present.
Design and layout of video slot are completely dictated by a complex and colorful theme. Mystic mountain and forest sceneries became background of the game screen. Payments Table is shown over the parchment map in the spirit of history. Design of reels, win rates and indicators, markers, lines of payments and control buttons - all performed in a single style of appropriate books and fairy-tale atmosphere of the trilogy. From time to time on the screen runs a gray creature Gollum. For sure he's looking for the golden ring, which notes the window of current rate.

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Should You Play The Lord of the Rings Slot for Real Money in New Zealand?

Graphics and sound - this is probably the strongest side of the slot machine. Excellent portrayal of all the details, excerpts from the film, instead of spinning reels, video clips during winning combinations, pictures and videos instead of the usual computer graphics and animation - all this puts a new benchmark for competitors. Music, of course, also taken from the moview and picked up very appropriate. If necessary, you can disable it.
The doubtless advantages of slot "Lord of the Rings" can be attributed graphics solution, an abundance of options for winning a number of additional characters and, of course, the theme. However it should be noted that the absence of the bonus game on the second screen and the small size of the fixed jackpot alienate some users.
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