Texas Hold’em Joker Poker
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Texas Hold’em Joker Poker Review

Modern developers of software for online casinos successfully combine various elements of the rules for different online games. In reviews of the portal Casinoz we discussed video slots that borrowed some features of poker and other unusual models.

This article is dedicated to the original video poker from the company iSoftBet, which is called (quite surprisingly!) Texas Hold'em Joker Poker. We want to emphasize once again that we are discussing the video poker in which you will not have an opponent in the form of another player. Are you surprised? Then read our review about Texas Hold'em Joker Poker.

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How to Play Texas Hold’em Joker Poker

Texas Hold'em Joker Poker is a free online video poker. It is played with a standard 52-card deck with one wild card, which is able to replace other cards and create unordinary combinations.
The aim of Texas Hold'em Joker Poker is similar to any other video poker. Gamblers should collect a poker hand, provided by the pay table. But the gameplay seems to be slightly different compared to the normal version.
Upon selecting the coin value and making a bet, the user receives three pairs of cards. He should choose one of them. It will be the so-called pocket pair. If you are familiar with the rules for Texas Hold'em, you know what it means. Further, the board is dealt (five common cards). A five-card combination is formed from the seven-card hand. If it is provided by the rules of Texas Hold'em Joker Poker, the player gets payouts according to odds that are indicated in the pay table.
Classic poker hands from a pair of aces and higher, as well as a five of a kind (four of a kind with a joker) and a wild royal flush are taken into account in the game Texas Hold'em Joker Poker.
It is possible to play the video poker Texas Hold'em Joker staking from one to five coins in the value between ten cents and one euro. Therefore, the maximum bet comprises five euros.
If you play Texas Hold'em Joker Poker for five coins of any value, the payout for the royal flush will be disproportionately overestimated (compared to wagers in the amount of one to five coins: 400, 800, 1,200, 1,600 and 4,000). So users should always stake five coins.
The payout for any round can be staked in the risk game. It is available in a classic form. One card is faced up and four cards are faced down. Gamblers need to choose one of the hole cards. If it is of higher rank than the face-up card, payouts are doubled. Players can guess up to five times per one round (of course, if they are successful).
Information about the theoretical payout percentage of Texas Hold'em Joker Poker is not provided.

Texas Hold’em Joker Poker Bonus games

There are no bonus payouts or bonus rounds in Texas Hold'em Joker Poker.


The video poker Texas Hold'em Joker Poker has no progressive jackpots..

Texas Hold’em Joker Poker Interface

It is convenient and easy to learn rules and features of the interface of Texas Hold'em Joker Poker. Pay attention to the diversity of user settings, availability of automatic mode and section with information. There is no need to download the video poker Texas Hold'em Joker, because it can be run in flash mode.


Frankly speaking, we have really enjoyed playing the video poker Texas Hold'em Joker. It is original, interesting and convenient. It is difficult to come to the conclusion how lucrative it is, but the gameplay is really attractive. Just do not forget to always wager five coins if you play for real money in order not to lose the opportunity to get the highest payout for the royal flush.
We would be grateful if you share your opinion about this game in comments.

Play Texas Hold’em Joker Poker in NZ Casino for Real Money

We tested the video poker Texas Hold'em Joker at Netbet Casino, where gamblers can play for money, and it is also allowed to run gambling games without registration in training mode. Users can test Texas Hold'em Joker directly on the site Casinoz.
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