Participants play with each other in the classic Texas hold'em poker, and the dealer acts as an intermediary. However the popularity of this game led to the development of its gambling games in which the client played directly against the house.

Nowadays there are dozens of such online games. We are going to focus on one of them in this review. It is called Multi-hand Hold'em High Poker. Its manufacturer is a well-known company called Microgaming. This is a very interesting model with the possibility to play wagering on five hands, bonus bets and great multipliers for high-ranking combinations.

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Multi-hand Hold'em High Poker is available at various online casinos running on software from Microgaming. We recommend that you should test this poker for free or for money at Crazy Vegas Casino. It is offered directly on the portal Casinoz without registration for fun.

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How to Play Multi-hand Hold’em High Poker (Microgaming)

Multi-hand Hold'em High Poker is an online gambling card game with bonus bets, based on Texas hold'em poker.
It is possible to play Multi-hand Hold'em High Poker betting on one-five hands. The basic and side bets can range from one to fifty dollars at Crazy Vegas Casino.
The virtual casino serves as an opponent of the player in the form of the virtual dealer. A standard 52-card deck without jokers is used in this game. The cards are shuffled before each deal.
The aim of the game is to collect a poker hand starting from two pairs and higher, using two dealt cards and five community cards. Two pocket cards have to take part in the formation of a combination.
Payouts are made according to the established multipliers indicated in the paytable

The player makes an ante on one or several hands before the beginning of a deal. He or she makes a side bet (discussed below).
Then he or she gets two cards on each hand. The five community cards are placed face down.
The player should make decisions concerning each hand. There are the following options:

  • Call allows users to keep playing making a bet that is equal to the ante.
  • Raise allows users to keep playing making a bet in the amount of two antes.
  • Fold is used to stop playing and lose made bets.

As soon as the dealer faces up five community cards, the showdown occurs and the payouts are made.

Bonus games

Bonus bets in Multi-hand Hold'em High Poker are valid independently of the basic ones. They may be of any size within the established range. They are allowed to be made without placing antes.
They may bring your victory in the following cases: (with indication of multipliers):

  • Pocket cards of the same suit - 5:2
  • Pocket cards have an ace and a king of the same suit - 25:1
  • Pocket cards have an ace and a king of spades - 50:1

These bets are paid immediately after revealing five community cards.


Progressive jackpots are not provided in Multi-hand Hold'em High Poker.


The card table with a special layout is shown on the screen of Multi-hand Hold'em High Poker. The displays located from both sides of the dealer show the ranges of bets. If you click on them, the brief description of rules and multipliers for basic and bonus bets will appear.
The gameplay in Multi-hand Hold'em High Poker can be controlled using the following buttons:

  • Rebet is used to make the previous bet
  • Call allows making a bet that is equal to the ante
  • Raise allows making a bet that is equal to two antes
  • Fold is used to stop playing
  • Clear Bets allows removing all bets
  • Deal is used to deal cards

In the settings you can disable the various sound options, increase the game speed and make other changes to the interface.

Should You Play for Real Money in New Zealand?

Multi-hand Hold'em High Poker will be interesting to any fan of Texas hold'em poker who prefers to play against the house instead of other customers. Information about the odds and the basic strategy will be published in the further articles.

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