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Four 52-card decks are used for multi-hand blackjack. The numbers on the cards are considered according to their nominal value. The jack, queen and king have the score 10. An ace can bring either 1 or 11 points, depending on the situation in the game. The suits in blackjack are not important. In this game, gamblers play against the computerized dealer. At the beginning of the game, two cards are dealt to everyone, i.e. the croupier deals two cards to himself and one of them is faced up (visible to the players). Each hand also has two cards. Both of them are faced up. The player can add cards, if necessary. To do this, the player needs to click on the button Hit. Gamblers can click this button till they get the sufficient number of points or the score exceeds twenty one. If the score is higher than twenty one, this is called a bust and means automatic loss.

As soon as the player becomes satisfied with his cards, he should take cards by clicking the button Stand. This should be done for each hand where the player made a bet. After that, the croupier starts playing. He faces up the previous card, which is described above, and decides whether he requires the next card or not. The dealer's score should be at least seventeen. As soon as the dealer stands, the determination of the winner starts. The player wins if his score is more than the dealer's score, or if the dealer goes bust. In the case when the dealer and the player have the same score, a draw is announced and the player gets back his bet.

BlackjackIf the player has a combination of an ace and a ten or a picture from the beginning, he immediately scores 21, i.e. blackjack. This is an automatic win, which is valued as 1 to 1.5, i.e., one and half bets are paid out. So if the dealer has blackjack immediately, it is considered as an automatic loss. If the player and the dealer both have blackjack after dealing, this situation is considered to be a draw.


If the upcard is an ace, the player has the opportunity to take insurance before the first hit. It is possible to purchase insurance adding a half-bet to the original bet. If the dealer has blackjack after that, the player wins with insurance the amount that is equal to two his insurance bets. In case if the dealer does not have blackjack, the insurance is lost, and the game is determined by the standard rules, described above.

Even Money

If the player has blackjack and the dealer's visible card is an ace, the player is offered the option called Even Money, i.e. he wins an amount that is equal to the player's bet, unlike in case of blackjack (1.5 bets).

SplitWhen the player gets two cards of the same value, he is offered to split the cards and double the bet. If he accepts splitting, the box is played for two hands, i.e. another card is dealt to the first hand. The player then decides whether to hit or not. If he does not need other cards, he clicks the button Stand. The same thing is done for the second hand. Then comes the dealer's turn and everything occurs according to the standard rules.


After receiving two initial cards, the player can double his bet. This option is available only at the beginning. After doubling the player may hit one more time. Another option, which permits doubling, is a split of cards. Two aces can not be split.

Control Panel

At the bottom of the game page there is a control panel for adjusting the game settings. Access to the settings is provided after clicking the button Tool, which is located in the lower left corner. Using this menu, gamblers can adjust the sound and speed of the game.


The player has the opportunity to select chips of different values. This panel is available in the lower right corner. Clicking on one of them, users can choose the bet size.

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Blackjack American
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Main info
Type of game Blackjack
Manufacturer NetEnt
Theme Cards, Board Games, Entertainment
Min bet 1.00 USD
Max bet 500 USD
RTP 99.59%
Is free test available Yes
Mobile version Yes
Issue date 2010
Game type 🌐
Decks number 6
Hands number 3
Side bets No
Dealer on soft 17 🌐
Insurance Yes
Surrender 🌐
Split Yes
Blackjack payout 🌐