When the surrender rule appeared in blackjack, many even experienced players met it very negatively. They thought that it was profitable for the hose when players refused in advance to continue playing for half the bet. So, this rule did not initially enjoy great popularity.

However later professional blackjack players made mathematical calculations, whose results revealed that the presence of surrender reduced the house edge. This is only valid if players use this rule correctly. It is also clear for casino owners. That is why it is allowed to surrender only on the first two cards if the dealer's upcard is not an ace (sometimes a ten).

Playtech offers you to play free online blackjack called Blackjack Surrender. Its main feature is the fact that you can surrender regardless of the dealer's upcard.

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Blackjack Surrender is offered for customers of many online casinos that use games from Playtech. They usually allow testing this game both for real and training bets. Readers of Casinoz have the opportunity to play this blackjack without registration directly on the portal.
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How to Play Blackjack Surrender (Playtech)

Blackjack Surrender is a virtual blackjack, which has mainly the standard rules adopted on the Las Vegas Strip with some exceptions. It is available in several versions at casinos: for one, three or five hands, as well as in multiplayer mode.
A standard 52-card deck with no jokers is used for this game. Although a shoe and a discard tray are shown on the table, all the cards are shuffled after each deal. The range of bets is established by the administration of a casino. For example, you can play betting from one cent to three hundred dollars on a hand at EuroGrand Casino.
The croupier deals two cards to himself. He shows one of them. If it is a ten or an ace, he takes a look at a hole card without showing it to other participants, checking for blackjack. Insurance is provided if an upcard is an ace. If the dealer has blackjack, the player does not draw cards.
Let's discuss the basic rules for Blackjack Surrender.
  • The dealer hits on a 16 and stands on any 17.
  • It is allowed to split only once per hand
  • It is allowed to make a split of two cards with the same value (for example, a ten and a queen).
  • An ace and a ten in a hand formed as a result of the split are considered to be a 21 but not blackjack.
  • Only one card is drawn to split aces.
  • It is allowed to surrender not only on the first two cards but on any dealer's card. It is prohibited to surrender after a split.
  • It is allowed to double on the first two cards, including after a split.
  • If the dealer's upcard is an ace, it is possible to take insurance against blackjack.
  • Blackjack Surrender has a 7-card Charlie rule (a box with seven cards without bust automatically wins). It is also related to a split of cards.

There are standard multipliers:

  • Basic payouts - 1:1
  • Payouts for blackjack - 3:2
  • Payouts for insurance - 2:1
More information about the rules for Blackjack Surrender is available at EuroGrand Casino and other online casinos. It is necessary to enter the tab Menu - Help.

Bonus games

There are no bonus payouts in Blackjack Surrender.


Blackjack Surrender does not offer progressive jackpots.


Users can download Blackjack Surrender at many major online casinos. If you know the rules of the game and are familiar with the basic terms, you will easily master it. Otherwise, we recommend that you should familiarize yourself with articles about blackjack that are published on the website Casinoz.
The interface of Blackjack Surrender has nothing superfluous. The main part of the screen is occupied by the table with a standard layout. The chips are located from the left side. They can be used to place a bet of the desired size. The buttons of the control panel are situated from the right side.
Blackjack Surrender has the basic settings. Tables of basic strategy, statistics and advices are not available.

Should You Play for Real Money in New Zealand?

The possibility to surrender on any dealer's cards is without any doubt a very favorable rule for users. However it is compensated for by restrictions of splits (only once per hand) and some other aspects. So, it is necessary to add some modification for the basic strategy for single-deck blackjack. Our special publication in the sections Articles and Strategy on the website Casinoz will help you to do that.
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