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The most popular kind of gambling in the world for many years is slot machines. Of course, we are not talking about any exact model, but the video slots as a whole. They are very popular in all the major offline casinos in the world and hold firmly the palm of institutions working in the Internet.

You can easily verify this yourself. Open sites of several online casinos and go to the games. There find the heading Popular Games (it may be called something else, but it does not change the fact). Look at the models it presents. We bet that eight or nine out of ten games will be video slots.

Reasons for the popularity of slot machines

Explain the popularity of video slots will be easy. Most people visiting the casino consider such pastime as one of the types of recreation. Accordingly, they want less tense and more fun and it's more than natural.

Many card and board gambling games require client's difficult decisions, many gestures and other activities. In poker and video poker, you need to think what cards to change. In blackjack, you must constantly ponder your next move. Playing roulette it is necessary in each round to arrange the chips in the field.

No, we are not saying that these games are not suitable for a relaxing break, but the bulk of casino customers prefer a more relaxed gameplay, which is provided by video slots. Here, all that is required from an individual is to choose the size of the bet and press on a single button, watching the spinning reels forming combinations. 

In addition, slot machines have another advantage:

No one except you and perhaps the administration can see how much you lose or win.

You're left alone with the fortune in the form of video slots and you can focus on your favorite activity.

The advantages of online slot machines

Online slots have lots of additional advantages:

  1. a huge variety of topics,
  2. an incredible selection of functions,
  3. high percentage of return (much higher than in the real devices),
  4. fabulous jackpots,
  5. user-friendly interfaces in different languages, and so on.

Moreover, the game is the online casino itself has a lot of pleasant and profitable features.

  • You do not need to spend money on additional travel, accommodation and meals.
  • Complete privacy and security are guaranteed for you.
  • You can play almost anywhere.
  • You are participating in a variety of incentive programs.

It is also important that almost all online casinos give the opportunity to play on the slot machines for free, in the so-called training, or entertainment mode. It is very convenient to get acquainted with new models.

In general, we would not list in this article thewhole benefits of online casino. We have already talked about them in other publications on Casinoz.

Sources of inspiration for developers

New slot machines for online casinos are released by dozens of software manufacturers. Among them there are grants with world names and starting studios that make the first steps in this field.

Modern users are very spoiled by incredible variety of models, so it is quite difficult to surprise them with some kind of novelty. The first thing that can attract the attention of an experienced user is an interesting subject. Here, the developers use a variety of sources of inspiration.

Classical models with cherries or sevens are nothing new. These slot machines, of course, are still available, but they are designed for conservative clients.

Fans of the original slots games are attracted by developers with bright games, dedicated to famous movies, comic books (eg, graphic novels of Marvel studios or DC Comics), computer games, cartoons, heroes of ancient myths and fairy tales from different countries, all kinds of sports cars, weapons and so on.

Some models look sometimes so colorful and impressive that they are funny to play even for contingent bets. This is a real masterpiece of design ideas that has amazing graphics (often three-dimensional), amazing animation, lots of options and a variety of other advantages.

Various functions of slot machines

Everything that was listed in the previous section does not make sense if the video slot does not have the exciting features of the gameplay. In fact, for many users it is more important than the percentage of return or the size of the payment ratio.

In order to play the slot machine in the most interesting way, the developers provide it with numerous functions. The most common special characters are:

  • Wild and Scatter,
  • free spins,
  • bonus games,
  • additional factors.

    Variations are possible at each of these options.

    Also, many modern video slots can boast original patented features. Describe them all in one article is absolutely impossible, so stay tuned in the section with reviews of games.

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