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This is a story about a carpenter who became famous due to his sharp, professional skills and ability to make desperate decisions. At the time, he delivered a tremendous amount of trouble to the renowned department of the French police, engaged in fraud in the casino.

Who Was Pierre Dugal?

The cheater's name was Pierre Dugal, who lived in the nineteenth century on the French Riviera. He was adept at his craft and could do almost all the wood. Being adventurous by nature, he decided to apply his skills to a slightly different field, even if it lay beyond permitted by law.

Pierre went to the legendary Monte Carlo casino to set instruments and play baccarat. Shortly before closing the casino, he hid in the closet in the morning. History is silent about how he managed to escape from security. Maybe he just sat on the toilet and lifted his feet, and the guard did not open the doors to all cabins. Then he could only wait for the cleaners to leave the casino.

Then Pierre went out of the closet and set to work.

By the light of a flashlight, he pierced minor grooves on the inner roulette wheel so that the ball often landed in specific pockets.

Since he was a virtuoso carpenter, the results of his work were utterly invisible.

Who Helped Pierre Dugal to Cheat the Casino?

But Pierre did not play roulette himself not to cause any suspicion. He sent the family members who fully trusted. In particular, four of his wives did it in different years.

In those years, casino security didn't have such an arsenal of technical means to detect fraud as it has today, so Dugal got away with it. He got wealthy and could live in comfort until the end of his days. However, his wife died during wild sex.

Another wife was jealous of his new mistress and went straight to the department of the French police engaged in fraud in the gambling business. There she told in detail about the adventure of her husband. Pierre was arrested and spent several years in prison. Later he got divorced, went bankrupt, remarried, and undermined several French roulette wheels he played with his new wife.

How to Make the Same Mistake

But apparently, he belonged to that kind of people who do not learn from their mistakes. Pierre again got a mistress, and now another wife reported him to the police. So Dugal was behind bars again. Rumor has it that the walls of his cell were made of wood, but this ingenious carpenter could not or did not want to find a way out of it.

The funny thing is that Pierre learned nothing from this bitter experience, and the same thing happened to him for the third time. That time he could not survive and died in prison. Nevertheless, the sad fame of his "exploits" spread worldwide, making him famous but not bringing him happiness.

Frequently asked Questions

👨‍🏭 Who was Pierre Dugal?

Pierre Dugal was a nineteen-century carpenter who likes playing roulette and used his professional skills to cheat the casino.

🔥 Was Pierre Dugal successful in beating the roulette?

He found an efficient way of cheating the casino, but his methods were certainly illegal.

👩‍💼 What happened to Pierre Dugal?

He cheated casinos with the help of his wives, but he was unfaithful to them, and they turned him over to the police. 

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