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In crime films about casinos, seasoned pit bosses and sharp-eyed security officers calculate sharps with the help of video cameras and their many years of experience. Then the scammers away in barns, where they carry out explanatory conversations are ruthless butchers.

The reality in modern gambling is somewhat different. The owners of the largest casinos do not rely solely on the professionalism of the croupier and the sharp eyes of the guys on the other side of the cameras. They use the latest technology, which significantly complicate the lives of crooks, card counters and even professionals for whom gambling has become a job.

When they find an unwanted visitor, they either point him to the door or hand him over to justice.
Read more about the most effective systems by which the best casinos in the world fight against scammers and advantive players.

Automatic identification of vehicle numbers

In some casinos, security begins to receive information about the visitor as soon as his car pulls into the Parking lot. Parking lots have cameras equipped with license plate recognition technology.

  1. They fix all the cars that are parked at the institution. The procedure is as follows:
  2. The camera takes a picture of the room.
  3. A special system recognizes letters and numbers.
  4. The information is transferred to the database.

If it turns out that a person from the blacklist or an addicted player from the list of excluded customers showed up at the casino, representatives of the security service will meet him at the door.

This scheme is not able to protect against professional sharpers but helps to deal with potentially unwanted visitors.

Biometric facial recognition

Some gambling establishments already use technology that allows recognizing the faces of visitors captured by CCTV cameras. For this industry, this technique is new, but operators say that it meets expectations.

In the simplest version, the system only scans the faces and takes pictures of all customers. This format only allows you to create a directory that requires manual processing.

In the more complex version, it analyzes the results and checks the players against the database. If it turns out that within the walls of the institution there was a person who looked like a representative of the blacklist, then security officers enter the case.

We must say that many experts are skeptical about the new system. Listen to John Connolly, an agent of Eye on the Action and Manager of the casino surveillance and security Society:

I do not believe in the success of biological facial recognition. Most of the images obtained are captured by cameras located either on the ceiling or just below, which makes us see the heads of the suspects at an angle located above the heads themselves.

In addition, Connolly argues that checking the databases is still too long. This complicates the use of the system.

However, any innovation is rebuffed by a certain group of conservative employees.

RFID casino chips

The abbreviation FRID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This technology is widely used in the gaming industry.

Casinos equip chips with FRID chips capable of transmitting programmed codes at certain radio frequencies, which makes the tokens unique and helps to pursue several goals at once:

  • Fight with fake chips,
  • Prevent other types of fraudulent activity with counters,
  • Follow the movement of game chips,
  • Keep statistics and so on.

Even inveterate retrogrades of gambling do not doubt the effectiveness of chips of this type, because they have repeatedly rescued casino operators.

For example, a few years ago at the Bellagio, an anonymous visitor stole one and a half million tokens. The owners of the establishment had to deactivate the chip which made them useless. From then on, they could not be cashed or used to play.

In gambling establishments of Singapore it is forbidden to take out tokens from the casino. Chips help security officials prevent players from taking chips with them.

"Angel's eye"

In casinos in Macau and other countries, where baccarat is very popular, casino operators are constantly faced with a common cheating technique – the exchange of cards between boxes. This trick is effective in establishments where customers are allowed to touch the cards and turn them over on their own.

Developers of equipment for gambling have created an effective method of combating this fraudulent technique. The system was called Angel Eye.

It operates on the same principle:

  • Barcodes are applied to the cards in colorless ink.
  • The dealer's "Shoe" is equipped with a scanner.
  • The sensor reads the codes while the dealer deals the cards from the "Shoe".
  • The information is transmitted to the computer.
  • The system "Angel's eye" monitors which of the customers should have all the cards dealt.
  • If they find themselves in other positions, security officials receive a signal. They're looking at the CCTV and checking what happened.

This technology is also useful in blackjack with multiple decks laid in the shoe. It helps to deal with dealer errors and different actions of scammers.

TableEye21 System

This is a computer program that combines several technologies and represents a whole set of very useful tools. It works as follows:

  • The camera constantly shoots the gameplay at the table.
  • The system analyzes the data obtained from the video.
  • It also takes into account information about the movement of chips with RFID chips.
  • The program collects complete statistics on the table: customer results, dealer hours and so on.

This approach makes it possible to identify potential card counters, detect sharps, prevent possible cooperation of scammers with the croupier and perform a lot of other actions.

NORA system

This memorable abbreviation, which evokes associations with a female name, means Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness. It is a huge database that stores detailed information about the so-called " stakeholders»:

  • dealers, pit bosses, managers,
  • previously caught sharps,
  • exposed card counters,
  • constant client,
  • former casino security personnel and so on.

It gets all the people, one way or another associated with the gambling business.

But it's not just a huge data set. The system automatically keeps track of a possible connection between the people listed in the database.

For example, it can be used to find out that many years ago, the croupier studied at the same University course with a client who won a decent amount. Naturally, this information can not fail to interest the casino management.


Of course, the introduction of new technologies does not relieve the owners of gambling establishments from the need to carefully select qualified managers, cameramen and security personnel.

No system in the world is able to detect all cheats and prevent all scams. However, it would be foolish to deny that modern developments really help to fight against crooks.

The latest cameras, huge databases, face and number recognition, chips with chips – all this complicates the life of scammers and allows you to more effectively manage the casino.

Discuss the topic? Share your opinions in the comments, share your experiences and ask questions.

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