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Many players still do not play in online casinos only because it is something unknown to them and so frightening. Despite a lot of obvious advantages of online casinos, many potential visitors avoid playing there because they do not know where to start. They are also afraid to make mistakes and lose money because of this. Casinoz will not let you make a mistake has occurred to any of his readers. So, we decided to write this article discussing highlights starting playing in online casinos.

Selecting the software

The first thing when choosing an online casino is it's software. There are several reasons for this. First of all, at the manufacturers' websites, you can find the most detailed and accurate description of the games, which is not always given at the sites of the casinos. If it provides it to one or another company, you will know what kind of games are available in all casinos operating on it's products. In other words, the set of all the casino games that use the software, for example, Cryptologic, will be about the same.

An important factor is the quality of products. In this market, several manufacturers have been successfully operating for many years, that can be trusted. They are Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Cryptologic, Playtech, Vegas Technology, Rival Gaming, and some others. Their reputation speaks for itself. Selecting one or more casinos with their software, you will never encounter such problems as weak functionality, too high computer power usage, poor choice of options and so on.

Choosing a casino

After examining all information about a variety of manufacturers, we can weed out certain circle of gambling establishments that do not fit in this parameter. Now you have to select the specific online casino where you will play. Casinoz has detailed descriptions of most most popular casinos, that has earned trust of users. Using them, you can the best casino choose for yourself.

After selectying the casino, carefully study of the terms, which are usually set out in the user agreement. Remember that some casinos do not accept players from certain countries or restrict them in bonuses and loyalty programs. Resist the temptation to try to get a faster start-up bonus, because it is possible that you won't get it. If you do not meet even one of the criteria set out in the user agreement, you may have problems in the future with withdrawal of funds.

If you are looking for a specific game, find a casino offering the most favorable conditions for it. Also note that there are additional options to make life easier for a player and the process more comfortable.

Naturally, you should pay attention to bonuses, loyalty programs, free services and other pleasant moments for players. Take time to thoroughly examine terms for each of them, as not all of them are available so players the advertisement says. Moreover, if you try to cash out any bonus against the rules, you will not only fail, but it can lead to the fact that the casino administration will consider it as an attempt of fraud.

If you belong to the category of the so-called High Rollers (high-stakes players) choose a casino with a particular approach to such visitors. In some casinos, the benefits are enormous and a High Roller just may find it in a variety of ways: special bonus program, gifts, invitations to various events, personal managers, and so on.

Do not forget that a good casino regularly invites independent organizations to inspect their work. Reports of such inspections shall be available in the corresponding sections.

During the game you may well have questions or difficulties, be sure that your have chosen a casino with a good support you can always contact the way you want. It's better have toll-free number, e-mail and live chat. Besides, its employees and you must speak the same language, otherwise communication between you will be hindered. In general, many online casinos have been translated into several languages, the universal language is English.

Visit website

If a casino has attracted you by the description, visit it's site and read it yourself. You may not like the design of this casino, too much animation or something else. You can also find there reliable information about the terms. After ascertaining that this casino you can proceed with the installation.

Installing casino

Online casinos offer the users to install the software, but some also provide opportunity to play in flash mode without installing any software. The latter option may seem more convenient, but in this case players can not use all the features of the casino. So flash mode can be recommended only for initial familiarization and training games. In extreme cases, it is good for playing where installation program casino is undesirable or impossible. For example, when using public computers, although this option is generally associated with a variety of hazards that we talked about earlier in a special article.

Casino software usually does not demand high power of computers. In any case, it concerns the most famous manufacturers. Therefore, if you are not going to play on the very very old PC, the problems are unlikely to arise. But just in case, better clarify the minimum and recommended system requirements.

The installation process should not cause any problems even for new users. Such programs have a very small size, so you can quickly download them even at a low internet speed. If there are problems, you can always contact a support service casino. In this case, you better use the chat channel.

Selecting a deposit method

You can deposit in varios methods. All online casinos offer several options, so any user can choose the most convenient one. Most casinos accept credit cards and bank transfers, but not only them.

You can find the details of each casino options for deposit or withdrawing funds. Note that their conditions differ from each other. Additionally, not methods can be used. You can get a bonus for deposits by a specific payment system. Some casinos also issue their own cards, which can be purchased for refill.

Remember that not all payment systems are equally reliable, so sometimes better to pay a higher commission than face possible problems. Detais of various deposit methods are discussed in the separate section of Casinoz.


At the registration in the casino, enter the valid data, because you need it for payment or in case of documentating some issues.

Playing in the casino

When starting to play in a new casino, do not rush to play on real money. Most casinos offer the opportunity to play in training mode, so use it. Even if you are goodt in a certain game, you should learn the interface of the program first.

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