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All good online casinos warn their users about the possibility of developing gambling addiction. Casinoz also considers it's duty to share this information with readers because keeping quite in no case is impossible.

In short, gambling addiction can be described as a passionate desire to continue the game at any cost, ignoring the associated problems and possible consequences. Suffering from this type of addiction negatively affects physical and mental state of a person. It has inevitable negative impact on a personal life, financial condition, reputation and so on.

To get rid of gambling addiction in possible only when people acknowledging its existence. The article How to recognize the gambling addiction has a list of questions, the answers to them can show the state if this situation. Below, there are also alarms you should pay attention to.

Signs of gambling addiction

  • The player spends a lot of time in the casino.
  • The player spends a long time in the memories of his games.
  • The player plans how he can spend money if he wins.
  • The player feels an irresistible urge to constantly raise bets.
  • The player goes to the casino to forget about his problems.
  • The player feels uncomfortable outside the casino.
  • The player is lying to his loved ones, trying to hide how much time he spends in the casino and how much he lost.
  • The player steals the money for the game or breaks the law to get them.
  • The player visits a casino even if it damages his career.

Needless to say that the problem of gambling addiction is much easier to prevent than to get rid of. So listen to our advices and it will not let gambling ruin your life.

Tips on how to avoid gambling addiction

  • Plan your time for the game and never stay in the casino longer.
  • Set the financial limits for yourself. You should know how much you can lose in a day, a week, a month. After reaching this limit, stop the game.
  • Never come back to win.
  • If you do not belong to the category of professionals do not think about the game as entertainment. Do not plan on how you will spend winnings until it is in your pocket.
  • Do not steak money for the game and not break the law even in the little things to get them.
  • Leave the casino after winning. Do not run after a round win, because winning nine hundred ninety-nine dollars is no less pleasant than a thousand. When it is time to stop the game, immediately do it.

Remember, that gambling should be taken seriously, realizing that it can not only delight, but also upset.

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