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Many skeptical casino visitors do not want to believe it, but dealers often make unintentional mistakes. Some dealers are tired, others are poorly trained, others can not properly concentrate and not pay attention to the numerous distractions - in short, not always, if the dealer did something wrong he wanted to cheat you.

How come the same casino with the fact that freelance situation arose through the fault of the dealer. We'll tell you what actions are usually undertaken at dealer's mistake at the blackjack table in Las Vegas. We think that this information will be useful to employees and owners of small casinos wishing to improve their service.

General Rules

First of all, when a dealer understands he made a mistake, or it is indicated by the clients, they should not attempt to correct the mistake on their own. Instead, they have to call for a pit boss with responsibilities of making decisions in such situations.

They should describe exactly what happened, make sure that it's dealer's fault and take corresponding actions to correct the mistake and restore justice. An experienced and intelligent pit boss will try to do everything possible so that the client is satisfied, and the casino is not affected financially and not lowered it's reputation.

They may consider how valuable this client is for the casino, agressivness of the injured visitor, and only then decide how to proceed. But the most common dealer's mistakes in blackjack are solved in standard ways, often spelled out in the rules. Here are the major ones.

When the dealer has passed all the players two cards, it appears that someone from the customer only one card

The player should decide whether to take the next card from the deck and stay in the game or give away the card and wait for the next hand. Then, all the other customers at the table must be offered to abandon the game, as the natural course is changed. If it's not used, the dealer should complete the shuffle.

The player gives a sign to stop a set of cards, but the dealer gives him another card face

It is one of the most common dealer's mistakes in blackjack. In decent casino in Las Vegas, this card does not burn in the bump, and offered to all players at the table who have not decided on their bets yet. If none of them wants to take it, the dealer reveals the cards. He should take another card.

Dealer misses one of the clients should make a bet and didn't get a card

The player who did not get a card, must wait until the end of distribution. In some casinos, other customers are offered to fold or continue playing.

Dealer incorrectly calculates the points in the cards and the player takes them along with the rate, assuming that there is too much, and upon completion of round the client claims

If the dealer was correct during the round, he had to put in the bump map in the order as they came out of the game. Then it will cost nothing to restore drawing and to find out if there was a mistake. However, modern casinos have video surveillance systems that allow setting the truth in disputed situations. If a player really won, they get the money.

Dealer got one card, and players have already managed to take the card and make some decisions

In this situation, the dealer has no choice but to take the next card from the deck, as well as to offer customers to stay in the game or fold without losing bets. If one of them was a bust, they need to get back the lost money.

In a game with one or two decks of cards the dealer continues drawing

Usually in this situation, the dealer offers players who did not have enough cards to get out of hand. If they want to participate in the drawing, the dealer should mix the cards from the baffle and then give them.

The dealer opens the card before all the players made decisions

If the casino values ??its good name, it should allow customers to finish the hand. Although they have already seen the dealer's cards, it was not their fault.

Dealer takes an extra card after wrong calculation of points

This card should be dismissed, then the dealer determines winners and losers. In blackjack, there should be no more shuffle.

How should a player act in case of the dealer's mistake?

Detailed answer to this question has already been given in previous publications on Casinoz. In short, you should immediately stop and ask the dealer to call a pit boss, manager, or other person whose duty is to make decisions in such situations. You should be polite, do not raise your voice and do not try to establish your rules.

Believe me, if you play in a respectable casino which values their reputation, the administration will do everything to please you.

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