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The main character of this story is not a skilled fleeced casino cheater. Moreover, he was quickly caught trying to deceive opponents at the card table. Amd still, he went down in history as the most legendary cheater. You will understand why.

When it comes to professional and new players capable of cheating, you can imagine people from dysfunctional families, dodgy criminals, not wanting to work parasites and other unreliable public. And the image of tricksters at the gaming table is not associated with the higher nobility not to mention members of the British royal family.

However in the late nineteenth century there was a shameful event, commonly known as "royal baccarat scandal". It's hard to believe, but there the future King Edward VII, who was the then Prince of Wales, and his closest friend, the baronet Sir William Gordon- Cumming were involved in it.

In September 1890, they played baccarat (which, incidentally, at that time was prohibited in the UK) in the mansion of Tranby Croft, owned by shipbuilder Sir Arthur William. It is easy to guess what only the cream of society was invited to that meeting, so the possibility of cheating of any of them seemed absurd.

Imagine the surprise of guests when they noticed that Sir William Gordon-Cumming surreptitiously substituted a chip to his bet when winning and quietly cleaned them when losing. The next day, the situation repeated, and the newfound revenue was just more than two hundred pounds.

We should note that the Baronet was a Colonel of the famous Scottish Regiment, he took part in military operations in Africa and had an annual income of eighty thousand pounds a year, which at that time was a huge amount. Witnesses refused to believe their eyes, but some of them still dared to rebel.

William Gordon-Cumming was unmasked and under the pressure he was forced to admit the facts. He even made a written notice to never sit at the gaming table and participants of the incident promised not to make it public.

However there were women among guests, and one of them, Lady Daisy Brooke, did not know how to hold her tongue, she even had the nickname of Chatterbox for that. Of course, she told about what happened to anyone she could. William Gordon-Cumming wasn't invited to social events anymore, and he actually became an outcast. The Prince of Wales also stopped communicating with him.

Colonel was so mortified that he had the audacity to sue, alleging ill-fated participants of that meeting. The Prim British public was shocked when the future king was summoned to the hearing as a witness in the case of a card fraud. The Prince was forced to confess that he was playing baccarat, which was prohibited.

As for Sir William Gordon-Cumming, he failed to defend his dignity. The testimony of witnessed was enough for the court to reject all his claims. Colonel was fired from the army. And the prince continued to play cards, although since then he preferred whist.

This case was mentioned in the press, literature, theater, film and radio many times. Even the famous writer Ian Fleming used it in one of the James Bond novels.

Each client of online or land-based casino, if he's thinking of cheating, should recall the history of Sir William Gordon-Cumming. He lost his position in society, ruined his reputation, lost the support of the future King of Great Britain and was forced to retire due to a petty fraud, which resulted in getting not so much pounds.

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