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While blackjack is one of the most profitable games for customers, the tables can often be empty. The author of this article worked in a region where blackjack was not popular at all and it was extremely difficult to attract new players. 

To say the truth, the idea of promoting the blackjack then was not supported by casino owners who were fine with the fact that players prefer roulette and Caribbean Stud Poker. But creators of Casinoz portal hope that many gambling operators think wider and understand reasons to stimulate blackjack development in their casinos.

Based on our own observations and experience, we want to share some tips on how to draw customer interest to blackjack.

Free blackjack lessons

Choose casino prime time for free training sessions when there are a lot of customers. Sure, you may distract them from the game. Sure, you'll have to occupy a table which could earn money. And you will sure need to pay to the instructor. But all these costs will be rewarded if you draw interest of new customers to blackjack. 

Promote the lessons. Invite famous professionals and best dealers to coach. 

Teach your customers not only the rules of blackjack, but also the basic strategy. Don’t be afraid to create masters who will beat you. You will need more than a few lessons for that. 

You can even give out small chips to the most successful students after the lesson. These chips can not be converted to cash and should be accepted for blackjack only. 

Table for beginners

Many customers don’t want to play new games, because they are afraid of loosing money, as they are not skilled enough. In this case, you should set a very low limit and a narrow betting range for them. Put the tables in plain sight and convenient location. 

the tables should be operated by patient dealers who can intelligently answer numerous questions. Ask them for a low pace of the game. You can also provide new players with printed hints on basic game strategy. 

All this will help inexperienced blackjack players to adapt quickly and feel more confident. Once they know they do the right thing during the game and they are not made fun of, they will move to usual tables and raise bets. 

Tournaments and sweepstakes

Offer all kinds of blackjack tournaments, organize lotteries and promotions. It helps to promote the game and attract new customers. Keep in mind that such campaigns should be interesting for players with both small and large bets. 

Additional recommendations

Here are few more tips for setting up blackjack tables gameplay. They will help to create more comfortable atmosphere to attract new customers.

  • Do not use shuffle machines which always mix cards. They kill clients’ hope that they can win at blackjack.
  • Do not let dealers turn into shuffle machines. They should be polite and responsive.
  • Set up new tables at customers request and do not try to seat them all at one table.
  • Do not encourage experienced players to make fun of newcomers and prevent any indecent behavior.
  • Offer customers a single deck blackjack and don't forget to mention how profitable this game is.
  • Fight with a card counters in a civilized manner and don't kick out players on the first suspicion of that.
  • Install more low-limit tables.
  • Refuse from disadvantageous rules for players (eg, blackjack payment with the 6:5 ratio).

It is true that many casino owners and managers are simply afraid of blackjack. They think that blackjack is a goldmine for players even if they don't understand it. They often discourage customers to bet by introducing strict rules, absurd betting limits and not giving anyone who is familiar with the basic strategy just play safely. 

Don't be like them. It’s difficult to achieve advantage for a casino in blackjack. It’s even more difficult to make this game a source of stable income. The most of blackjack players never achieve this. 

Finally, we want to say that you can’t always get a good, profitable client “off the shelf”. Sometimes you have to “grow up” them by yourself. 


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