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Blogs about Casinos

Reviews of online casinos, written by a staff of Casinoz authors, represent an objective, most impartial description of the opportunities and services available in these institutions. Customer reviews are the subjective opinions of readers who have played on these sites.

If you want more information about the portal you are interested in, this section will help you. Personal blogs about casinos are published here.

Blogs Authors

Who writes blogs about online casinos? There are several main types of authors:

  1. Real customers who want to share their impressions of the gambling site,
  2. Official representatives of gambling operators, telling about bonuses, promotions, and other services,
  3. Just gambling games fans, seeking a quick opinion on this topic.

You can also start a personal blog where you will talk about the gaming experience in different casinos.

Blogs Features

 How do diaries of readers differ from articles of regular observers of a portal? The key differences are as follows:

  • The absence of censorship – Blogging is practically not censored. Casinoz editors can only remove articles violating the site's laws and internal rules.
  • Live language – casino blogs can be kept in any style. There is no need to adhere to the official kind. In addition, the author's punctuation and spelling are always preserved.
  • Pluralism of opinions – No one bothers to express a negative opinion about the casino from the top 10 or to praise the institution from the blacklist. This is your point of view, and we respect it.

But there are still several basic rules for blog authors. If you want to open your blog, do not forget to read them.


If you are keenly interested in the world of online gambling, blogs about online casinos will be a valuable addition to reviews and articles devoted to this topic. A personal diary will allow you to share opinions and experiences with other readers.