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Е-gold was founded in 1996 and its owner is the famous Gold&Silver Reserve company. Е-gold guarantees security and safety of all funds to the customers. It is conducted due to the guarantees of different banks situated at the territories of United States and Switzerland. This payment system has one particularity which stands it agains the similar companies. It is maintenance of all funds by different precious metals, for example gold, platinum, silver. This way, the customers from United States and Canada registered in Е-gold, who have enough funds at the accounts, can easily be paid out by precious metals on their choice instead of money. Number of customers of this payment system is rising up from year to year. The customers are attracted by security of the system, its convenience and an excellent service.

As every payment system, Е-gold has its advantages and disadvantages. Its obvious advantages are:

international services: Е-gold is one of few payment systems, which doesn't make differences between customers from different countries. The resident of Russian gets the same service as the resident of USA here. Taking in account negative services for the users from ex-Soviet Union in numerous payment systems, it is the great advantage of Е-gold;

simple in use - even a very beginner can easily understand the interface that lets him make all operations quickly and comfortably;

Anonymity - the system doesn't share information about its customers and requests them for no other data except of the major, that’s why the customers don't need to worry about safety of their data;

beneficial proposals - this payment system offers various profitable promotions to the customers. For example, the users can get a promotional bonus for invitation of new customers in amount of 2,5%;

convenience - to start using Е-gold you don't need to download any special software, it is enough to pass the registration in the payment system.

The disadvantages are:

any financial operation is the subject to commission in amount of 0,8% of the amount or at least fifty cents;

commission for holding of funds at the account is 0,8% of the total amount.

To provide safety of the customers’ funds, Е-gold uses SSL certificate with 128 encrypting. Moreover, the users are provided with pin-codes for additional protection.

To pass the registration in the system, you need to fill a small form. As soon as the customer answers all standard questions, he’ll be e-mailed with a number of his account. After it he can start using his account making different financial operations.

Е-gold is the international payment system which is very popular all over the world.

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Foundation date 1996
Website http://www.e-gold.com/