The head office of the international payment system Click2pay is situated in Germany, but it works all over the world.

Actually, Click2pay is an intermediary between a bank account or credit card and the place to send money.


General description

 With help of Click2pay, it is possible to pay for different purchases and services in online stores, make money transfers, fill accounts and withdraw funds from online casinos. 

The convenient thing is that by using Click2pay the customer doesn't need to fill any special account first. A bank account or credit card attached to the system is automatically charged for the required amount.

However, if the customer uses his account in this payment system to withdraw the wins from online casinos and poker rooms, he has to be aware that he receives money to the Click2pay account, but not to the credit card or bank account, so he has to find additional ways to withdraw the funds. Herewith, it is possible to charge the Click2pay account for the further deposits, but not the credit card.

By the end of registration, the managers of the support service call the user to confirm provided information. Usually, the call comes in a couple of minutes after the registration. In spite of the fact the menu is only in English, the managers of the company speak different languages. So, if you don't speak English well enough, just mention it and another manager who speaks your language calls you back.

Most of the customers are afraid of this procedure for some reason, but there is nothing to worry about. If you filled in fair information about yourself, the manager of the company just wishes you good luck after a small talk. As soon as your talk is over, your account is activated and rated two stars. The rating of the customer depends on the quantity of the stars. This way, the more stars he has, the higher the limits are.

The user who has two stars can’t exceed the limits for deposits and withdrawals, which are five hundred dollars per week. To withdraw your funds from the Click2pay account, you can use the following methods:

  • ATM,
  • check,
  • or bank transfer.

The smallest commission if applied for checks - 2% only, while the highest is for ATMs - 10%.

Click2pay is the payment system available in numerous online casinos and poker rooms. It is possible to make instant deposits and withdrawals with its help.

Wallet Click2Pay

During the registration, you need to fill in your personal data, the number of your bank account, or credit card. If it is a credit card, it has to be international, for example, Visa Classic. Then the user is provided with a PAN code. 

Reliability and security

Click2Pay is a trustworthy company. It also does its best to protect the money and personal data of its customers.

Customer service

Support service is available, but some customers claim its quality for slow actions.

Popular at casino

Click2Pay is not available in all online casinos, but some of them do offer it a payment option.

How to Deposit in Click2pay Casinos

To fill an account in an online casino or poker room, first, you need to make sure the establishment interacts with this payment system. Then you need to enter the bank and fill in the amount of the transfer, your e-mail address, PAN code, and the password you provided while registering in Click2pay.

Please take into account that e-mails used in the casino and the payment system have to match. After all these operations, the desired amount is transferred to the gambler’s account.

Best Click2pay Casinos 2022

See the list of high-quality online casinos accepting deposits via Click2Pay.

Frequently asked Questions

🍀 What is Click2Pay?

Click2Pay is an international system of electronic payments. It used to be popular among internet gamers, but now this option is not in high demand in the gambling industry.

💮 Should I trust to Click2Pay?

The company is rather trustworthy. Many customers from all over the world use its services.

🌼 Do internet casinos use Click2Pay?

Some gambling websites allow their customers to use Click2Pay for making deposits and withdrawing money, but the system is not highly popular in the industry.

  • Rather reliable
  • Not very popular now
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