Marilyn’s Poker II Review

No matter what you are thinking about Marilyn Monroe talent, you can hardly deny the fact that she has asserted influence on development of the modern culture. Somebody can say that she wasn’t really talented. Others declare that her popularity is just a result of PR. Well, be as it may, Norma Jeane Baker became a sex-symbol number one and keeps this title even decades after her death. Lots of songs, movies, novels, lyrics and even sculptures are dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. She has a start at the famous alley. Different cultural events are held in her honor. She is an object of impersonation for millions of women and a source of inspiration for thousands art people. So, she is a real phenomenon.

We have already told about online gambling games, developed by Novomatic Company, the main heroine of which was Marilyn, at the pages of Casinoz. Well, now we would like to introduce you another creature of this producer – an online video poker named Marylin’s Poker II, where you are going to meet the legendary Monroe again. It is an interesting model with joker and progressive bonuses. 

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Marilyn’s Poker II
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Where to Play Marilyn’s Poker II?

Play Free Demo Marilyn’s Poker II without registration

It is possible to test Marylin’s Poker II online video poker in a training mode or play it by the real bets in StarGames Casino. However, online gambling games are not available without registration even in a fun mode in this online casino, that’s why you would have to spend a couple of minutes to pass the registration and open an account.

We are looking forward for your responses and grades to Marylin’s Poker II video poker. You can write it in comments.

NZ Online Casinos with Marilyn’s Poker II

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How to Play Marilyn’s Poker II

Marylin’s Poker II is a free online video poker for playing in the online casinos. The standard deck of fifty two cards and one joker, replacing the missed cards in the classic poker combinations, is used in this game.

The aim of Marylin’s Poker II online game is to receive the payoff for one of the combinations, provided by the rules. The customer is in right to change up to five cards for free only once, in case it is necessary. The traditional poker combinations are paid in Marylin’s Poker II video poker. The lowest of them is two pairs, while the major is Royal Flush. A pair of jacks, queens, kinds or aces is also charged with payoff, but it is not paid out immediately, but is collected as a bonus. Please read about this point of rules in the following paragraph. There is only one additional combination, which can be formed only with participation of joker. It can be “five” or poker. It is made of four cards of the same value (Four of a Kind) and one joker.

Playing Marylin’s Poker II video poker is possible only by one coins of value in range from forty credits to ten thousands. The value of credits is determined by the rules of the online casino.

Starting the game, the player first receives five cards. He can change any quantity of cards for free or leave all the dealt cards in game. In case he decides to change, the virtual croupier makes it and then the final hand is formed. In case of combination in hand, the winning is paid out.

The player can collect the received amount or stake it in the gambling feature. There it is necessary to guess the color of the following card in the deck. Correct answer doubles the payoff. However, the wrong one means losing it. In case you guess several times in the same round, you can reach the bonus prize, which would be much larger than an amount after the doubling.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the theoretical payback index of Marylin’s Poker II video poker.

Marilyn’s Poker II Bonus games

The bonus payoff is provided by the rules of Marylin’s Poker II video poker. The player is charged with amount, which he doesn’t receive immediately, for each pair of jacks, queens, kinds or aces. It stays at the additional bonus account.

This prize is paid off only in that case if the player makes such pairs several times. If an amount of the bet is changed, an amount of the bonus also varies. It is charged in percentage ratio.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Marylin’s Poker II online video poker. Actually, a progressive bonus can be considered as a jackpot, which is paid when the player reaches a stated quantity of formed combinations (although it is certainly different than jackpot).

Marilyn’s Poker II Interface

Marylin’s Poker II video poker is provided with a multi-language interface, where absolutely all captures and sections are translated to several languages. It makes acquaintance with this model easier and gameplay more comfortable.

The payment table by the combinations of Marylin’s Poker II video poker is situated right above the cards. You can leave cards in the game before exchange by click at it.

Short rules would help you to study out all the main points of the game. An automatic game mode is unavailable, but there is an automatic holding the cards according to the optimized strategy. This function would be especially useful for the beginners.

The user’s settings of Marylin’s Poker II video poker are limited with a possibility to switch off the sound and select size of the screen.

It is not necessary to download Marylin’s Poker II video poker, because this game can be launched right at the website of the online casino.

Should You Play Marilyn’s Poker II for Real Money in New Zealand?

The main outstanding feature of Marylin’s Poker II model is its progressive bonus. We should confess that this function can make the customer playing poker longer than he was going to at first, because the prize payout becomes closer and closer with every deal. So please be careful with it.

The general recommendations by the basic strategy of playing video poker can be found in the proper page of Casinoz. We would give advices by Marylin’s Poker II a little later. You have a chance to use an automatic holding the cards if you are not sure in your actions.
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