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Lots of the models of online video poker developed by iSoftBet Company, surprise by unusual functions and original features. Other games of this kind are classic kinds. An online game named Joker Poker Progressive is not provided with any unique features, but it still can’t be named a predictable video poker. First of all, it is interesting for the fact that combinations with jokers can be formed here and a progressive jackpot is raffled. We would also like to note a multi-language interface. Please read more about Joker Poker Progressive video poker in the following review, prepared by the team of Casinoz.

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Joker Poker Progressive
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Play Joker Poker Progressive in NZ Casino for Real Money

Playing Joker Poker Progressive online video poker for the real money as well as in a fun mode is possible in NetBet Casino. This online casino offers a wide selection of online gambling games, produced by iSoftBet. Moreover, it is allowed to test all the models even without registration in a training mode. However, you would have to open an account to play by the real bets. It is also possible to test this video poker right at Casinoz in a fun mode.

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How to Play Joker Poker Progressive

Joker Poker Progressive is a free online video poker, which is played with the standard deck of fifty two cards and one joker. An additional card is used for help making the combinations, provided by the rules of the game.

The aim of the game in Joker Poker Progressive video poker is traditional: it is necessary to make a paid combination, changing up to five cards for free, if it is necessary.

Playing Joker Poker Progressive video poker is possible by the bet in range from one to five coins of value from ten cents to one euro. This way, the maximal acceptable bet per round is five euro.

The traditional poker combinations from pair of aces to royal flush are charged with payoffs in Joker Poker Progressive. Moroever, Four of a Kind with Joker as the fifth card and Royal Flush with Joker are paid out by the special indexes.

The round goes on by the standard scheme in Joker Poker Progressive. First the player receives five cards. He weights its power, holds suitable cards in game and changes the rest for free. In case he has a combination, provided in the table, in his hands after it, he gets a payoff according to the provided index.

It is possible to try to increase the winning for a deal in the gambling feature of Joker Poker Progressive video poker. There you would see four face-down cards and one open. You would have to select one of the hole cards. If it is higher than the open one, the payoff would be doubled. In case it is lower, you lose your bet. If the cards are equal, dead heat is announced.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the theoretical payback index of Joker Poker Progressive video poker.

Joker Poker Progressive Bonus games

Any bonus deals or payouts are not provided by the rules of Joker Poker Progressive video poker.


A progressive jackpot, an amount of which gets higher with every staked bet, is raffled in Joker Poker Progressive video poker. To win it, it is necessary to make a “pure” Royal Flush, playing by the bet of five coins of any value.

Joker Poker Progressive RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Joker Poker Progressive Interface

Joker Poker Progressive video poker is provided with a multi-language interface, that’s why there is no sense in detailed explanation of the functions of different elements of the interface.

Joker Poker Progressive video poker has an automatic game mode, wide user’s settings, an informational section and the table of payoffs by poker combinations.

The game can be launched right at the website of the online casino, that’s why you don’t need to download Joker Poker Progressive video poker.

Mobile Compatibility


Actually, we can’t say how Joker Poker Progressive video poker is beneficial for the players right now. The only recommendation, which we can give you in a moment, is to play Joker Poker Progressive always by five coins. The value is no matter. Other way you don’t have a chance to win a progressive jackpot, even if you manage to make the maximal combination.

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