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All players, becoming customers of online casinos, hope that they will not have a problem with it. If they carefully selected a casino to play in and are sure that it is safe and respectable casino, read the rules and nothing like this will likely not happen. However in reality the conflicts between the players and the casino regularly arise.

Casinoz from time to time gets complaints about resources where our readers were somehow cheated. Most often, such misunderstandings arise because of ignorance of the rules of the casinos, which, to put it mildly, are not worth trusting. Of course, most complaints are about withdrawal of wins and bonuses.

So who can you call for help if you are sure you have not violated rules of the casino, but they refuse to give you bonuses, pay winnings or otherwise violate your rights? How to act in this situation, not to aggravate it?

Recording everything in detail

Before you take any action, write down all information about what happened: dates, amounts, names and other details. When you check in at the casino? How much was your deposit ? What kind of bonus did you receive from them? How did you act then?

It is important if you need to opt for casino games where customers have access to such information. You also need to make many screenshots. In general, you should have complete information, understand it and be able to explain it to other people.

Are you sure you properly understood the rules?

Before being indignant and demand justice, read the rules again. Did you miss some important point? Print the rules if it is easier to perceive information on the paper. Ask someone who knows English for help, if this paragraph is not in Russian.

By the way, many casinos clarify that when reading rules in different languagesyou should focus on the English version. So do not exclude the situation that you relied on the wrong translation of the rules. This can become a weighty argument in this situation.

Do not play until the problem is resolved

If they delay the payment of a prize, or refuse to pay it, in any case, do not continue to play. The main reason for these delays is hoping that you have time to lose all the money in the proceedings. If you continue to bet, do not wait for payment. But if you give up the game, they will realize the risk of losing the client.

If you can not live without this passion - the network is full of other online casinos. Perhaps more worthy than the one that can not give you the winning on demand.

Try to reach the highest authorities

If you are sure that your claim is justified, ask for a conversation with senior management. Some lower-level managers and support staff made a mistake and try to hide this fact from the superiors. Since they are not able to fix it, they can only try to get rid of you. Therefore, you need to reach the casino bosses at all costs.

Ask reputable organizations for help

There are various agencies that can put pressure on the online casino, which violates the rights of consumers or frankly cheating. Of course, such methods can not influence casinos operating without a license,. But once you have been foolish enough to play in them, what a claim may be!

So, who to contact if you think that a casino unfairly acts with you:

    Issuing casino license (usually their logos with links are on the bottom line of site). The manufacturer of software this casino uses(Playtech, Microgaming, Cryptologic, and others). Independent auditing organization (eCOGRA, Technical System Testing and others). If any of them controls the activities of a casino, it should be used primarily as soon as it becomes clear that you can not contact the administration. Authoritative publications and resources devoted to gambling. Not the fact that you will be there, but some of these sites are working closely with certain casinos. It is possible that with their help you can find a compromise. At least l Casinoz has helped several readers to solve problems with casinos.


And finally, all these methods can be effective if you are right. Otherwise, a detailed investigation will only generate more questions and doubts in your sincerity.

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