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These games seem to be absolutely different, and the differences between them appear obvious. Completely different gear, gameplay, rules, and much more suggest that they have nothing in common. However, this is not entirely true.

These two games are united by the dependence of the outcome on the laws of physics and the human factor.

Let's take a closer look at the details.

Laws of physics

roulette dealer spins the wheel and launches the ball on the track in the opposite direction. In various casinos, the wheel can rotate in both directions or only in one direction, but the ball always moves in the opposite direction.

When it slows down, the centrifugal force is weakened and, due to the gravity, it starts to descend on the rotating part of the roulette, faces reflectors, gallops across the partitions between the pockets, and stops in one of the cells. That is, everything happens by the laws of physics.

In craps, everything is even simpler. The player called the "shooter" throws a pair of dices to the opposite end of the table. They fly in the air, face the table and the rim, and then stay on the table—elementary laws of physics.

Human factor

In roulette, the human factor is manifested in the form of the dealer's work.

  • The dealers work in shifts, and each of them repeatedly launches the ball.
  • Often, the job becomes so routine that they exactly repeat every spin.
  • Repetitive actions result in the so-called "muscle memory".
  • They apply the same force to spin the roulette wheel and to launch the ball all the time.

It results in a particular trend, sometimes called "the dealer's hand." Some experienced and observant players manage to catch and use it in their favor.

Muscle memory

Craps players deliberately develop muscle memory, making thousands of training rolls and seeking control over them. To do this, they learn a particular way to put the dices together, hold them by hand and throw correctly.

This reminds athletes training, who work out particular movements and techniques.

Consequently, the common between roulette and craps is the laws of physics, which allows the players to use muscle memory to affect the gameplay directly. However, while the use of involuntary muscle memory in the roulette can cost a lot for a dealer, it is a sign of excellence for a craps player. Mastering it, he significantly improves the quality of his game.

Boring gameplay at an online casino

This is a subjective opinion of the author, but we think many Casinoz readers could agree with him.

Usually, roulette and craps tables are the busiest locations of land-based casinos. They gather crowds of casino clients around. Some of them may not play but watch the game.

Cheers accompany every throw made by the shooter. A fall of the roulette ball also causes an outburst. In other words, the vibe that describes the essence of the casino prevails here.

However, both roulette and craps look less exciting at online casinos. RNG based games can be spectacular, interesting and exciting, but can't be compared to their offline versions.

Even live casinos can't match land-based houses. So, if you want to get the maximum pleasure from roulette or craps, go to a real casino.


Of course, it's quite hard to draw a parallel between roulette and craps.

These are completely different games with particular features and rules.

Usually, craps fans don't like roulette and vise versa. However, these two casino games still have something in common. We hope you loved the article.

Which of these games do you prefer? Please share your opinions and experience in the comments.

Frequently asked Questions

Do roulette and craps have similar rules?

No, these casino games feature different rules.

Is the roulette and craps gameplay the same?

Of course not. These games have nothing in common in terms of gameplay.

What do roulette and craps have in common?

Muscle memory, dependence on the laws of physics, human factor, and some other aspects.

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