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Many casino customers preferring video poker change many games in one session. As a rule , they search for a good model on which they can win large amount, but sometimes there may be other motives. Does it make sense to use this tactics ? Let's see.

We will not tell how to choose best video poker because this topic has been discussed in a separate article on Casinoz. Let's just move on to the question of changing games for whatever reasons.

Good luck

Jumping from one video poker to another hoping to get lucky pointless. Those who managed to hit the jackpot after changing the device may disagree, but answer this: how can you know that on the previous model you would not have won more? Since the cards are given by the random number generator no one knows at what point and what machine you may be lucky.

Independent calculations

Sometimes clients change the machine after won a large amount. They believe that there's nothing for in this video poker anymore. So if they a good win they will start only not to remain in the red.

But the theoretical return of video poker is given on in a very long time interval. Each individual unit can lose for a long time. Besides, you do not know if it won or lost before you with other casino customers. It is hardly even trying to do such calculations.

Theoretical return

The most sensible reason to change the video poker is going to a model with a higher theoretical payback . For example, any manufacturer of software for online casinos produces a model with a very small advantage (or even without it). This is sufficient reason for that leave this video poker and not return to it in the past. But in this case it is not about changing the same machines.


Changing machines for video poker in offline casinos can be justified if you have any discomfort. For example, someone is smoking next to you or air conditioning is blowing on you or you're near the entrance. Sometimes the screen is fuzzy and the buttons sink. If you're uncomfortable you should find a more pleasant place to play.

Something like this can happen in an online casino. Let's assume that you are playing in the casino that uses software from different manufacturers. In such case, it may offer the same varieties of video poker by different companies. If you do not like the design or interface of a model of one brand try the same video poker by another company. But make sure that it is not less favorable.

Range of bets

The casinos may have the same models, differing only in the range of bets. Accordingly if you won or lost you may want to go to the video poker with higher or lower rates. But be careful with it. It is very important to know when to leave the casino.


If there are several video poker games at the casino with approximately the same theoretical payback sometimes it makes sense to switch from one model to another to add diversity to the gameplay. On the other hand, if you are tired, you may simply leave it.

Taking time to relax

By changing video poker machines, you make a pause in the game and relax a little. It helps not to lose concentration and avoid mistakes. In this respect it is partly justified.

Reducing expenses

If you often go from one video poker on the other, you reduce the number of played hands. If it is impossible to hange the house edge, slowing down the process theoretically means a reduction of total losses. But if the mathematical advantage is on your side frequent changes of slots may have not productive consequences.


Change video poker games only if it gives some practical advantages: increase in the theoretical return, more comfort and so on. In other cases, it is not only pointless, but even somehow harmful.

For example, some psychologists specializing in gambling say that such behavior makes casino customers believe that they have a large impact on the outcome of the game but it may have dangerous consequences. So be careful and wise.

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