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Sherry Skansen can be called one of the most famous casinos cheaters in modern history. In the nineties, she was an important member of the Richard Marcus team. Her accomplishments may seem modest compared with those of some famous male cheaters.

However representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are rarely glorified in this field. So it is not surprising that every woman who has achieved significant success in casino cheating, invariably draws attention not only of security personnel but also ordinary citizens who are interested in the casino.

Sherry's Career 

Sherry was born in May 1961. In the early nineties she met Salvatore Gillett who worked with Richard Marcus. Sherry also gradually started to love this dangerous profession.

At first, she performed minor tasks. Sherry created mass tables for blackjack or roulette with the main cheater's team distracting dealer. Then Marcus saw her outstanding abilities and started to give her more responsible tasks. Skansen made planned bets on the roulette, which allowed her accomplices to replace them with other chips.

Somewhat later, she won (in other words, stole) chips to cash in hand. This may seem a trifling matter, but professionals know that at this stage most of them attract too much attention. It usually results in the investigation, a closer look at the videos and possibly detecting the whole fraud. For a long time Sherry withdrew money easily.

The pinnacle of her "career" was a role to make claims about the alleged wrong -paid bets after replacing them with chips. Skansen perfectly played the role of a dumb blonde no one could suspect to be a smart cheater. She was never caught.

Happy ending

It's Surprising that Sherry managed to fascinate not only male players and casino employees, but also dealers, pit bosses and female managers. Her ability to manipulate people was far from her only advantage. Much more important was the fact that Skansen could control herself and found the strength to leave the Marcus' team in time.

In 1995, she decided to get an education and chose a specialty of a court criminologist (quite unexpected choice for former cheater).

One series of CSI Crime Scene Investigation mentions the name of Sherry Skansen. It means that she was not unnoticed. If she had not stopped in time, it all might end with the court and imprisonment.

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