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Gambling (and much other entertainment) is harmless and even helpful until a person becomes obsessed with the process.

Gambling is dangerous because it is hard to understand exactly when a player crosses the line beyond which a real disease begins.

On Casinoz, several extensive articles describe the various stages of gambling addiction, their symptoms, and ways to prevent the problem.

This article tells about troubles typical for almost all casino customers who cannot curb their cravings for gambling. Even if you think this problem has nothing to do with you, read the article. Let it be a warning to you.

Financial Difficulties

Perhaps this is the most predictable problem for everyone who comes into the trap of gambling. Even rich people face it because they are not interested in low bets. So they are looking for places in which to take con large enough amounts that they can tickle their nerves.

As you probably know, almost all casino games have a percentage of mathematical advantages, which provides revenue to the casino. The longer you play, the more your money is gradually transformed into cash. But it's not only that.

Too keen on playing person can not calmly assess the situation and make the only right decision, acting strictly on the optimal strategy.

Addicts trust their instincts, which is fundamentally wrong.

They can not leave while in the black. It takes money to win.

Of course, with this approach, gambling grows at a tremendous rate. Sooner or later, the addictive player will lose so much that it would be a blow to his wealth.

Career Collapse

You can not successfully do business, spending all day at the tables. Even if you are the owner of a large company in the state that employs directors, deputies, heads of departments, and other representatives of the ruling apparatus, they still need your regular presence in the office.

And if you are a hired employee, you must be in the workplace every day. You should keep a clear mind, sleep and be fresh, which is impossible if you sit up all night playing blackjack.

Family Problems

There is no denying the fact that addictive gambling destroyed many good families. Wives leave husbands because they forget about everything except the casino. Nobody wants a husband who is always not at home, spends money on the side, and is not worried about children.

Gamers often forget about the sons and daughters they have to pick up from kindergarten or take to the pool. The author saw how good, in fact, people, family men in the recent past, could not tear themself away from poker, although his daughter called him twenty times because she could not turn on the heating in the house. It was in January.

When an avid casino client begins to play continuously (and with addicted people, it is necessarily the case), his mental and emotional state becomes, to put it mildly, unstable. It breaks down to his wife and children, which often ends in divorce.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Any professional player knows that you can not drink alcoholic beverages or take drugs in the casino. However, some gamblers do it. They believe that one or two glasses will not hurt and willingly pass the cup.

Moreover, casinos usually offer complimentary drinks. Players experience stress. Waitresses are ready to serve more drinks, and so on. It is not difficult to guess the outcome.

don't become a gambling addict

Violation of the Law

A game addict can not live without playing. Betting for real money becomes a critical need. When the funds run out, he dares to risky methods to get it. And then, creditors may demand repayment of debts.

When in need of money, an ordinary visitor of slot halls can rob a neighbor. An accountant can steal some money from the company's cash register. An official takes bribes.

Psychological Problems

Gambling can change a person - and not for the better. Nervousness, mood swings, and depression become constant companions of gamblers.

Some of them generally lose their ability to have fun and enjoy life. Their only desire is to continue to play, but this process is not happy.

gambling addiction problems


Unfortunately, the above difficulties often lead to a tragic end. Addictive gamblers relatively often try to commit suicide. Moreover, they are often brought their wives and sometimes children.

But let's not exaggerate. Millions of people regularly visit casinos, genuinely enjoying the gameplay, and return to everyday life, leaving the casino.

So that gambling does not become a problem for you, listen to the recommendations in articles on Casinoz, and play smart.

Frequently asked Questions

😭 Is gambling addiction a real thing?

Yes, it is. You'd better believe it. Many players underestimated it and had severe problems later. 

😢 Is gambling addiction dangerous for online casino players?

Of course, it is. It might be even more dangerous for internet casino customers. They gamble alone. There is nobody around to stop them. Some people play at online casinos because they are lonely. Thus, gambling addiction is a very perilous thing for them.

🧐 How can I prevent gambling addiction?

Have a plan before you start playing. Manage your bankroll and gaming sessions. Do not play longer than you have planned. Do not lose more than you can afford. Make pauses. Do not go to casinos every day. Read articles about gambling addiction on Casinoz.

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